Shahrukh Khan to build eight-pack abs for Farah Khan!

Shahrukh Khan to build eight-pack abs for Farah Khan!

At least that’s the buzz about Happy New Year that’s doing the rounds of B-town

Shahrukh Khan impressed B-town and his fans alike when he showed off his six-pack abs in Farah Khan’s directorial venture Om Shanti Om. Everyone hoped for a repeat act, but before that could happen, the two Khans had a major falling out. Now that they are friends again, and coming together for a film titled Happy New Year, it almost seems definite that he will go shirtless again. That’s what fellow B-towners are murmuring these days. And from what Farah told a national daily, the two are not going to stop at six-pack abs this time. It seems SRK’s target for Happy New Year is eight-pack abs. Farah is keeping mum about the actual look and we are yet to hear anything about our favourite star’s exercise plans, but we are sure it won’t be long before someone leaks all the juicy details.

We can only say Shahrukh has a tough task ahead of him. Aamir Khan, we hear, is already working out hard for a similar physique for Dhoom:3. But he’s not the Badshaah’s only competition; after all his co-star in the film is John Abraham!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • satish goyal


    shahruk ur tha bast look yar ur so sweet yar sharukh plz reply me byebyebyebyebyebye

  • Ravina

    Hahaha! SRK is copying Aamir Khan! Aamir already had 8 pack abs in Ghajini. So it is SRK who is trying to match up to him. Not the other way round. Once a copycat, always a copycat. Happy New Year will be nothing in front of Dhoom 3. D3 is a given ATBB!Ace Khan rules!

    • Sam

      Don’t talk rubbish as like you satish whatever.

    • rana

      just keep your mouth shut

    • Deemi

      god you’re so stupid. He doesnt need to copy anyone, he is the best. pretty simple.

  • Mary

    SRK is awesome , he needs no muscles or even 8 pack . we just love him

    • dharma

      so true :)

  • anil

    are raveena tu aakh wali andhi hai copy kise kahte hai tumhe sayad pata nahi aamir gajni se chamka hai wo ek south ki copy thi or salman wanted se jo ek south ki copy hai or srk pichle 25 saal se raaj kar raha hai jisne aaj tak south film ki copy nahi ki thats it