Shahrukh Khan under pressure to change the release date of ‘RA.One’

In recent times, release dates have become a crucial factor in deciding the fate of the films. So every time a big film is on the cards filmmakers fret and fight over the dates

We have seen it in the past that when Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan or Aamir Khan’s films release, no other film can survive in the battle at the box-office. Remember Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s artistic film, Saawariya was beaten hollow by Shahrukh Khan’s loud and uproarious Om Shanti Om. As a result, producers and directors avoid releasing their films around a Khan flick. The latest Khan-starrer to create chaos in trade circles is SRK’s RA.One. And looking at the way the marketing genius is going around promoting his superhero adventure, it is obvious that RA.One will emerge winner at the box-offic. There is one filmmaker who is already getting jitters with SRK’s film. It releases on Diwali, which is considered one of the best days for films. Recently, the King Khan said in a chat show that a big-time producer-director coaxed him to push the release date of RA.One as it would destroy his film. In fact, SRK revealed that the filmmaker went to on to say: ‘SRK is destroying his film.’ But our calm and calculative superstar was unperturbed. SRK further revealed, “All I said (to him) is that if you want me to push my film all you have to do is tell me. There’s no need to get disturbed. I don’t like or dislike this person (producer-director), I just don’t think about him at all.” Hope the filmmaker got his message loud and clear.