Shahrukh Khan visited by Rajasthan cops

Shahrukh Khan visited by Rajasthan cops

The authorities wanted to serve him the summons in the case filed against him for smoking in public. But things didn’t go as planned…

The Indian Premier League 5 has brought a lot of trouble for Shahrukh Khan. A case was filed against him for smoking during a match at a Jaipur stadium, and he was banned from entering Wankhede stadium in Mumbai after being involved in a brawl. While the talk around the second event has died down a bit, the smoke (pun intended) around the first is yet to dissipate. We had told you how a Rajasthan court had summoned him to appear before it for a hearing on May 26. Apparently the matter didn’t end there. The Rajasthan cops sent a constable to serve the summons to the actor at his home in Bandra, a Mumbai suburb. In the spirit of co-operation, the local cops accompanied him to Mannat.

That’s when Shahrukh’s luck seemed to turn. He had already left for Pune to (ironically) attend another IPL match. The disappointed cops had to stoically serve the summons to his personal assistant instead. It still doesn’t mean that SRK can escape being in a Jaipur court tomorrow (May 26), but he did get a reprieve from having to entertain cops at his home. Now if only that run of good luck continues till his court hearing…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Char

    WHY are the “Indian” people sooooooHaaaard on their on “SRK”??”HATERS” is the flavor of the month here!!! This MAN/SRK can’t do anything here without you guy’s Scrutnizing him.AT THE END OF THE DAY HE IS A “HUMAN BEING” WITH FU>>>>>>>EMOTIONS LIKE EVERY OTHER HUMAN BEING!!Smokers are allowed to smoke outside….a stadium is “OUTSIDE” is it NOT!!!! Any parents out there????? Touching a “Child” in a harmful way is “NOT” okay…Try asking them to come out of a forbidden area before “MANHANDLED THEM”..Everyone knows how he feels about his daughter!!! Is it not the “Indian people that made “SRK” the KING OF BOLLYWOOD”? From a “Fan looking from the outside “YOU TRULY” deserve that title..I have been following you for the past 20 years and you call it “DIVINE”… But because of you i “LOVE” Indian Cinema and have introduced it to a “LOT” of my friends and they in turn did the same.Per EROS “Bringing the world to “India”..SRK you have done that and a “JOB WELL DONE” …ONE thing i will always take from you “SRK” and that I think will sum up all this NEGATIVE talk about you is …There are “GOOD PEOPLE IN THE WORLD AND BAD PEOPLE IN THE WORLD “JOURNALIST…WHICH ONE ARE YOU??????

  • morsal

    @Char, omg that is exactly ho i feel, i am from north america and the only reason i started following b-wood is because of the KING, SRK. People need to respect him and his privacy, its like everything he does isn’t right for the media. I love you for you Shahrukh khan and i LOVE the fact that you are not in the crowd, like you said ” one some times needs to walk lone” You are a rebel and a lion heart=) We love you from CANADA!