Shahrukh Khan wants to be like Salman when he grows up!

King Khan refuses to consider himself as a grown up man and says that he aspires to be like the ‘bodyguard’ some day!

The SRK-Salman brawl has been the talk of B- town since eons now, but every time one of the Khans blurts out something to offend the other, there’s a new twist to their story. Say for instance, recently when SRK was asked about his arch-rival, he very diplomatically said that he wishes to be like Salman some day when he grows up because he thinks that reigning for years as a movie star is quite a great achievement for Sallu! Now we love the Badshah’s subtle ways of taking digs at his enemies, but Salman’s direct and stern way of dealing with all this is interesting too. There have been times when he has point-blank refused to acknowledge King Khan’s existence. Now we really prefer King Khan the way he is, and earnestly request him to not take the Sallu bhai route. Enduring two snooty and warring Khans in the industry will be a little too much for us, won’t it? Hey Shahrukh, your fans like you as the nice guy who takes pot-shots at his opponents with a wide and calm grin on your face. If the thought of being like Salman comes into your mind again, please think about your fans!