Shahrukh Khan: We should take a hard stand against Pakistan

Shahrukh Khan: We should take a hard stand against Pakistan

SRK feels strongly about the Pakistan attack on two Indian armymen, and says that soldiers should not die for unnecessary reasons

Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan, who played a soldier recently in Jab Tak Hai Jaan, reacted to the January 8 killing of Indian soldiers at the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir. He is “deeply saddened”, he said, adding that whoever is responsible should be held accountable for the attack.

Shahrukh said, “I have been watching TV, where people are saying haan sabak sikha denge (let’s teach them a lesson). That is completely wrong. It is sad, soldiers should not die for unnecessary reasons. We should take a hard stand. We should be very clear and whoever does wrong, should have to account for it and be put to the test. As an Indian, I am deeply saddened.”

He added, “Things like country, politics, sports, war, border should be kept different… In a country so volatile, where the youth demand a hard stand… which is a good thing in a democracy. I don’t want to participate in anything of which we both don’t have knowledge.”

“I think you and I should be looking at methods to end this strife at the border,” SRK concluded. Do you agree with Shahrukh’s views on the killings of Indian soldiers at the LoC? Do you think the India-Pakistan issue will ever end?

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  • srk fan

    yes U R right N u r always Ri8………..

  • Ben

    Misleading headline. Srk gave a diplomatic answer as usual. Very sad that the writer gave such a misleading and false headline. What ever happened to real and honest journalism? Also we shouldn’t get too excited about politically motivated propaganda . The fact is that innocent soldiers are dying for no real cause on both sides. Peace is what both countries should seek, not war…