Shahrukh Khan will be back at work soon!

Update: The Happy New Year star was hurt when a door fell on him at a suburban hotel. But, it is not too serious…

Official Statement from Mr Shahrukh Khan’s office: Mr Khan had a minor accident on the sets while shooting. He has a minor injury and has got the necessary medical aid. Mr Khan is absolutely fine now. Thank you for all your wishes!

Shahrukh Khan has been badly hurt during the shoot of Happy New Year at the Marriott hotel in the western suburbs of Mumbai a short while ago. The superstar was shooting for a dance sequence at the five-star hotel when a door crashed down on him, injuring him quite severely. Onlookers noted that he was bleeding badly and in obvious pain, with injuries to his face and head. He was seen being taken to the nearby Nanavati hospital. This only adds to the long list of injuries that the actor has had to deal with over the past few years. We hope that this time it is not too serious and he recovers quickly.

Shahrukh Khan injured during Happy New Year shoot!

As you will know, Happy New Year stars Shahrukh along with his Chennai Express co-star Deepika Padukone, as well as  Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood, Vivaan Shah and Boman Irani. It is being directed by Farah Khan, who is a close friend of the King Khan.

We wish SRK a speedy recovery!