Shahrukh Khan will not host Bigg Boss 7, Salman Khan will!

Shahrukh Khan will not host Bigg Boss 7, Salman Khan will!

Contrary to rumours, Colors will stick to Salman Khan for the popular reality show’s next season

Just when speculations were rife that Shahrukh Khan will replace Salman Khan as the host of Colors’ widely popular reality show Bigg Boss, we now hear that the channel is keen to retain Sallu. The ‘think-tank’ of Bigg Boss is of the opinion that it can’t lose out on Sallu’s Midas touch as yet. The way bhai has taken to the show is really remarkable. The 47-year-old superstar connects with the audience in a style that is uniquely his own. “Big Boss and Salman have become synonymous. As far as we’re concerned, the two brands are inseparable. We’ve to admit, the show has benefited immensely from Salman’s presence. At the same time Salman too has discovered an added connectivity with the home-viewing audience. His attitude really works for the show, and there is no chance of us letting it go,” said a source in an interview.

But we have our legitimate fears with the channel’s decision of depending on the Ek Tha Tiger star. After all bhai is too occupied with his films and other commitments. Plus he is not exactly in the pink of his health. Add to it his legal battles which can actually land him in a difficult situation. In the wake of these actualities, is it wise to irk SRK by outrightly choosing Sallu over him? Tell us what do you think BollywoodLife peeps?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • kojak

    salman is the right choice. bigg boss and he are nonsens

  • Sri

    BigBoss is the worst show I have ever seen..
    Doesn’t matter if Salman hosts it or not… Total crap!!

  • asim

    salman khan is the best host king

    • rishabh

      u r right

  • sayednasir

    salman khan n.1.. hosting

  • Salman Khan Fan

    Salman Khan has a fantastic personality and star appeal on Bigg Boss that NOBODY can replace. Salman rocks!!!

  • Sam

    I must say I am relieved. I am an SRK fan. I really do not want him to do such a tasteless show. Big-boss is not for the intellectuals and as SRK himself belongs to the same category he shall never do Big-boss. no offense to anyone

    • ritika

      you dont know what you talking about. big boss is the best show and salman is great.

  • micel jessi

    salman is the right choice, he is the best host.

  • roma

    salman is right choice. no body can do it better then him

  • dr priyanka

    its 200percent correct decision that salman khan can only be the bigg boss in every season and noone can do such entert the way he has done. god bless him ,sub ajha ho unke sath afterall he is a very good human being.

    • jonny lever

      shut up

  • Nishant

    i think srk is king khan ,he is better to all bollywood actor
    ,because only one actor r better than srk ,is big b,mr Amitabh

  • rishabh

    salman khan should be host bigg boss 7

  • kishan

    salman khan must host bigboss 7. . .

  • sahabia masood

    plz plz again make host salman khan he is ours favourite and he will be replaced then we will stop watching bigboss

  • mayank

    srk is a king and doesn’t have time to doing such a stupid shows

  • arshad desai

    Salman khan is best
    salman khan ka mai bahot bada fan hu

  • Tamanna

    We will see Big Boss Season 7 if SALMAN will host this show.

  • ranjanswain

    salman khan se acche host srk kar sakte hain..