Shahrukh Khan wins the battle against Ajay Devgn – read YRF official statement!

Jab Tak Hai Jaan versus Son of Sardar

 Yash Raj Films and Ajay Devgn battle is finally over, at least that’s what YRF claims

Shahrukh Khan and Ajay Devgn were to battle it out at the box-office with their respective films – Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Son of Sardar releasing on the same day last year (Nov 13, 2012). What followed was an ugly battle between the two production houses that also took a legal turn. On the personal front SRK lost a friend by his side, Kajol obviously sided with hubby Ajay after this episode. And here’s a statement from Yash Raj Films, which might just pull the final strings off the SRK-Kajol friendship.


It is befitting that The Competition Tribunal dismissed the appeal filed by ADF against the order of the Competition Commission exactly a year since Jab Tak Hai Jaan released on 13th November 2012.

After the COMPETITION COMMISSION had dismissed the complaint filed by AJAY DEVGN FILMS (ADF) on the basis that they were of the opinion that there was no contravention of the Act in this case, the COMPETITION APPELLATE TRIBUNAL, in a order of 8th November 2012, also refused to pass any interim order against YASH RAJ FILMS (YRF) on the ground that the complainant had not put forward sufficient facts to establish that YRF had violated the Competition Act.

A completely misleading press release was put out by ADF alleging that an enquiry had been set up to look into ‘the anti-competitive activities of YRF’ since the Competition Appellate Tribunal had not found any merit in the contention of ADF because the Tribunal was of the view that ADF had totally failed to establish that the agreements entered into by YRF with the single screens cinemas would cause any appreciable adverse effect on competition. It was also noted by the Tribunal that YRF had announced the release of its film on 27th June 2011 with its announcement of the release of its film for Diwali 2012 and commenced booking of single screen theatres in June, July & Aug 2012. On the contra, ADF announced the release of its film only on 29th May 2012 and approached the single screen owners only in October 2012 by which time YRF had taken a lead. It was expressly noted that the number of screens contracted for Jab Tak Hai Jaan, being far less than that of Ek Tha Tiger, prima facie no case of adverse effect on competition, much less appreciable effect on competition, was made out.

Despite several media queries at that time, YRF had maintained a strict media silence while the matter was pending before the competent judicial authorities, deeming it inappropriate to comment on the matter while it was before the judicial authorities. YRF has never desired nor manipulated such unethical publicity as a film promotional device for itself.

It is unfortunate that our refusal to comment had led to aspersions being cast on YRF’s business practises, which have always been ethical and of the highest standards.

On 13th November 2013, after considering and dismissing individually all the points raised by the Appellant, AJAY DEVGN FILMS (ADF), the Honourable Chairman, Justice V. S. Sirpurkar and the other Honourable Members of the Coram, Shri Rahul Sarin & Mrs. Pravin Tripathi, concluded that “there is no merit in this appeal and this appeal must be dismissed”.

Let’s put to rest once and for all that YRF has, and will always, adopt the best business practices… and will continue to do so, jab tak hai jaan!

We wonder what Ajay Devgn has to say now? Watch this space for the other side of the story…

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  • Synonymous

    SRK is the real cheater

  • Rehan khan

    srk is a foolish actor n betryal to the country,

  • Hitesh sahoo

    admin don*t dare 2 lie,ajay said the case still on the civil court n ajay also a gud human being.he fought for justice

  • Sid

    Yes Sach Ki hmesha jeet hoti hai.. :-) :-)

  • sameer

    Srk is real king of bollywood

  • Ranjeet

    Battle against YRF not against SRK ….. Ajay is the lion and Sultan of Boollywood !

  • sana

    Haha loser ajay srk is the best no matter what the battle isking wé love u keep rocking

  • sania

    Hahaha loser ajay cru idiot srk is the best and wé love u srk and Yes this battle was between yrf and ajay!!!!