Shahrukh Khan: Without search I found the most beautiful girl in the world!

Shahrukh Khan: Without search I found the most beautiful girl in the world!
Yogen Shah

Looks like King Khan has an answer to a question that none of us have managed to answer

Shahrukh Khan has worked with the most beautiful women in Bollywood from Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to current sensation Deepika Padukone, from junglee billi Priyanka Chopra to the sexy Katrina Kaif. He has even romanced the dhak-dhak babe Madhuri Dixit Nene and Bollywood’s Chandni Sridevi and guess what he knows who’s the most beautiful gal of them all. SRK missed the IIFA 2014 in Florida this year and instead chose to cheer his IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders in Abu Dhabi with the most beautiful girl by his side.The actor declared his daughter Suhana as the prettiest girl in the whole world. He wrote on Twitter, “Without search I found the most beautiful girl in the world. If it wasn’t taken I would call myself Lucky Ali. lost match not good. dinner…life discussion and then a scarlett johansson film with my lovely daughter….priceless. You are the sky…everything else….is just the weather.”

Clearly this doting dad loves his little on and we like that the Happy New Year actor is willing to rechristen himself as Lucky Ali. What do you think peeps, is LA as cool a name as SRK?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Genius

    Who cares? Apart from madhuri dixit he has always looked like a father when he romanced his other daughters like ash, katrina, priyanka and now this repetitive deepika. They all look like his daughters. When will he retire? And start doing father’s roles?

    • milan227

      You mean Madhuri looks like their mother? Besides say what you want, but nothing, absolutely NOTHING SRK has done will ever match Anil Kapoor in Race 2. Remember “Cherry, I don’t have time to pop your cherry”? Gag gag

  • Ismail Oriola