Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Don 2’ in 3D?

Shirish Kunder started the 3D trend with his film Joker, SRK was neck-to-neck with RA.One, but Vikram Bhatt beat him to that goal-post with Haunted 3D and now we hear Farhan Akhtar plans to jump on the 3D bandwagon with Don 2

Ever since James Cameron stunned the world with his 3D magnum opus Avatar, many in Bollywood nursed secret ambitions of making a 3D film some day. Thanks to technological breakthroughs and easy availability of technical support from Hollywood studios, the 3D wave hit Bollywood when Shirish Kunder announced his ambitious film Joker, which was supposed to be Bollywood’s first 3D film. While Kunder is still busy shooting his film, Vikram Bhatt’s Haunted 3D beat him to it. Now news is in that Farhan Akhtar’s Shahrukh Khan-starrer Don 2 is being converted into 3D. It is heard that Farhan had this 3D concept somewhere in his mind even while he was shooting the film, but only recently did he stumble upon a conversion technique which allows his production team to show one-dimensional films in 3D. We are not completely sure – maybe it was Shahrukh’s idea – after all, he himself is getting into 3D mode for his home-production RA.One. But whoever did whatever, these recent developments are exciting us no end! Of course, these 3D conversions are not the real deal, made from scratch, but still add to the cheap thrills quotient. Also, now that the 3D ball is rolling in Bollywood, let’s see who else manages to catch that bus.

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