Shahrukh Khan’s film with Rohit Shetty will be a typical potboiler!

Shahrukh Khan’s film with Rohit Shetty will be a typical potboiler!

The Bol Bachchan director won’t make any adjustments in the kind of films he makes to suit the superstar’s personality

Filmmaker Rohit Shetty has always made larger-than-life dramas that are woven around crazy characters and funny situations. And in an interview the Bol Bachchan director said that Chennai Express, his film with superstar Shahrukh Khan, will have all the ingredients that his commercial potboilers are so well known for. That means we shouldn’t be surprised to see Shahrukh wearing bright clothes, cracking silly jokes and blowing up buses!

We hear that Chennai Express is a romantic story about all the good and bad that happens to a man who travels from Mumbai to Rameshwaram. As soon as SRK wraps up shooting for Yash Chopra’s film and Shetty’s Bol Bachchan releases, the two will begin work on the much-talked-about project.

It’s widely speculated that Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and Asin are the hot contenders for the leading lady opposite SRK. But the Golmaal director says he hasn’t made up his mind on who will be cast in the film. Rohit says, “We are waiting for Bol Bachchan to release. So we will not finalise anything till July end. We will take a call on the heroine after that.”

That means the hotties still have time to make the right noises into the right ears to romance the best lover in Bollywood onscreen! Let’s wait to find out who manages to catch the South-bound express.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • k11

    Deepika should be in the film

  • AsherMadan

    it’ll be a big flop

    • Biswa

      Ha Ha it seems u r an astrologer……. But astrologers r always wrong…. hi hi ha ha

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  • Lorraine

    Is it the goal of news sources in India (those that continuously report/write articles designed to degrade primarily Shahrukh Khan, but other actors and film industry professionals as well) to try to ruin those persons in one way or another? That is the impression said media reporters are conveying by means of the not-so-cunning ways you word your reports or snap your photos of the subjects you report about. No matter what your intentions may be, they appear highly counterproductive concerning the businesses of India, (and by extension India itself) that benefit from the activities and even the very presence of the persons you deride, degrade, and injure with your corrupt/ slanderous reports. Good writers do not find it necessary to provoke hatred, prejudice, and religious intolerance, and jealousy through their efforts to creatively spread gossip that will draw attention and profit. You have been sounding more like street thugs huddled in the dark shadows of an alley spreading verbal filth. Remember this, however, if you succeed to ruin or break the spirits of the people you attack in your gossip (can’t even call it news anymore), you and India could be the ones that suffer most. I care about all people everywhere. I enjoy Hindi movies. I prefer romance or human interest movies. I feel that Shahrukh Khan provides the most entertaining. I miss hearing about his activities when there is no news about him, but I would almost prefer NO news about his activities than to see nothing but the ever increasing trash that has been spread about him (and Salman Khan and Priyanka, etc.too)these days. Their faults should not be the focus of news about them. How is that helping India’s people maintain their love for humanity? These people you gossip about do many good things and have numerous outstanding good qualities that are worth discussing. Get creative about that! Or if you insist on bad-mouthing people — stick with the ones that really rate that type degradagion, murderes, rapist, thieves, politics, war, etc. GO for it!

  • ranahaseeb

    ma na shahrukh khan film cakna ha