Shahrukh Khan’s ‘RA.One’ sits atop Rs 170 crore collections!

Shahrukh Khan’s ‘RA.One’ sits atop Rs 170 crore collections!


But RA.One is still a long way away from the 3 Idiots‘ lifetime box office gross of Rs 358 crore

Eros International, co-producers of Shahrukh Khan’s ambitious RA.One having shelled out Rs 150 crore to acquire the film, have claimed a worldwide five day (Wednesday to Sunday) gross of Rs 170 crore. Over the weekend alone, RA.One grossed Rs 137.25 crore in India (net collection of Rs 96 crore). Overseas where they don’t mess about with gross and net and a single figure is announced, the film took Rs 32.75 crore, according to Eros.

RA.One opened at over 3,100 plus screens in India and 904 prints internationally, including 3D, Tamil and Telugu. In the UK, for some strange reason, the film didn’t open wide and is getting a bigger release only from Monday. Even if the Eros figures are accurate, RA.One is still a long way away from the 3 Idiots‘ lifetime gross of Rs 358 crore. However, SRK’s baby has plenty of legs left yet. The film is scheduled for theatrical release in the first quarter of 2012 across several territories including South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Palestine, Brazil, Spain, Italy and Greece.

As always, the good folk at Eros must have their say and here you are:

Nandu Ahuja, Sr VP, Distribution, Eros International Media Ltd thundered, “RA.One released to packed houses across the country on Diwali day and has already created history by taking over the mantle of the biggest domestic earner so far. The film continues to be on its record-breaking spree with several new achievements since its release. It has touched the highest individual collection in circuits such as Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab and Rajasthan. We see repeat viewings of the movie with the 3D version being equally sought after. With the Eid holiday also coming up next week and no other major film release; we are anticipating the film to continue doing huge numbers.”

Pranab Kapadia, President, Distribution, Eros International crowed, “The film is enjoying a superb run across all major regions including UK, North America, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. Overseas, the film has broken SRK’s own previous first weekend record established by My Name is Khan and Ra. One now occupies the position of biggest Indian first weekend grosser overseas as well. The Saturday release of 3D versions in most overseas markets means that we are looking at the film continuing to do some excellent numbers through the coming weeks.”

Ken Naz, President, Eros International, USA exulted, “Despite storms in the east coast and a state of emergency declared, the film has performed so well. Apart from audience appreciation, leading media like the New York Times and LA Times have hailed the film too and we can confidently declare this film to be one of the biggest ever blockbusters and top earners for an Indian film in the USA.”

They also go on to shamelessly plug all the brands that the film is associated with. Seeing as we are kind people and that you are already victims of the film’s saturation marketing, we’ll spare you those details.

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  • Ankur

    What? 3 Idiots worldwide lifetime gross is not merely 312 crore! It’s close to 400 crores. Now you guys are reporting lower figures for 3 Idiots just to make SRK’s film look comparable! Haha! Make real records, agar dum hai toh! Don’t report fake records by reporting lower figures for other stars’ films!

    • Rady Em

      Aamir khans 3 idiots record is round about 358 crores but if Ra one can earn 170 in just 5 days then i am pretty sure it has very big chance of crossing 3 idiots. Why be so competitive 3 idiots was a movie which rocked the nation but Ra one has truly raised the bar for a Bollywood movie. Now we can proudly compare our movie with the Hollywood ones.

      • binod kumar

        ra one make to proud of bollywood with marvales sene with blowing worldwide which you never seen any bollywood star like this.must watch dont miss it

      • imran

        i am agree with rady em srk can defeat amir 3 idiot inchallah

        • dhanush

          RA-ONE is a children movie guys no level to compare with 3 ediots and top grosser no way

  • deepak

    i am agree with rady em

    • pooja


      • santanu bhattacharjee

        i love u pooja

  • vivek saha @@@@

    usko v todh denge yeh nahi skega toh DON 2 hai na………..

    KING always rulezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………….

  • viveksaha@@@@

    yaaaaaro aur sab k pyaaaro yeh toh bas starting hai aage aage dekho KING k jalwe

    Sharukh rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • way alive

    srk is real king ra one is bigest hit ever srk rock nobdy cant be srk

  • jimit

    bakwas movieeeeeeeee

    • santanu bhattacharjee

      khavi apni surat sise me dekha hain

  • santanu bhattacharjee

    Ra-One is the very very good flim, king khan aslo good actor, he looks very nice!

  • Adrian

    Ra One was AWESOME!!! I’m from America and I took my entire family to see this movie.Shah Rukh has made a new generation of fans here,he is a man of many talents too bad his Indian people can’t see what a talented actor they have in their own country…Great job Mr.Shah Rukh Khan!!!!


    Great job ShahRukh
    ra-one is a great movie
    ra one make to proud of bollywood
    love u sooooooooooooooooooooo much srk

  • Demonoid


  • Abdulkader Mulane

    It’s nice movie but Aamir’s edit was much much better than srk’s ‘RAVAAN’

  • abbas

    Srk well done
    thakre ke mooh par para tamacha

  • Amor

    RA ONE….FABULOUS MOVIE!!!Not only was it a great movie Shahrukh looked amazing and did an awesome job!!!
    Best and Sexiest actor in Bollywood!!!
    SRK ROCKS!!!!!!

  • chavanrajashekhar

    very nice movie

  • brian

    Pray and still trust for SRK team. They work so hard and bless from around the world for the king of conquer. Keep support from fans of SRK.

  • brian

    Sorry my friend, don’t compare 3 idiot with RA ONE, RA one so much brilliant tekhnologi. 3 idiot like another movie in my country, just done well but not indeep. Amir in reality never be poor man, but SRK ever be, up and down he feel and still hard work for his life and family and India. That make me proude of him.India so lucky have great man like him. Bless him God.

  • Mohammed Abdus Salam

    Hey “SRK” ur unstopable!!! No one can touch you in bollywood.
    Two dog in bollywood, one lady dog “Amir khan” another man dog “Salman khan”them two husband and wife. Because “Salman khan” he can’t getting married, reason he is to old, that’s the way girls are dosn’t like him,girls are dumped him,kick his us!!!
    Amir sad hey Salman don’t worry, any time ur welcome. Poor Salman.

  • prithu mishra

    its useless to compare raone…nd 3idiots….both r of diff. gener..

  • prithu mishra

    its useless to compare raone…nd 3idiots….both r of diff. genre

  • prithu mishra

    3 idiot is a movie on which only nation proud… raone ……definetely….takes bollywood to the next level….even hollywood prouds on us….

  • rahul

    movie was great and srk was rocking
    he prove that he is king of the b wood no one can defeth him never

  • kundan c

    RA-1 is going to be a bigest b buster ever in india
    its seurlly reached upto 500 cr worldwide collection

  • mehta dhruv

    The movie is blockbuster. The movie will be biggest hit this year.SRK proved that he was,he is,he will remain king of bollywood.

  • hashem

    all i know is Dabangg is the best action movie in bolly wood

  • vipin

    roking movie….
    SRK is the king of bollywood…
    no one can even touch his stardum…
    luv u srk…..

  • Anika

    well as the second comment said SALMAN KHAN IS THE BEST and nobody can beat him not even SHAHRUKH KHAN even though i do like him a bit

    • sam

      plz. check ur brain in a good hospital.

      • jaay

        SRk IS da BESttttttttttttttttttt

  • mukundrao

    plieas show the ra-one film

  • tanvee thakur

    Ra one is bad movies so and bodyguard is more better by RA one. i can not see the movie next time .

    • Arunabh is much better than bodyguard…much much better

  • Suman

    3 Idiots collections were not just 358 crore. They are more than 425 crores worldwide – that number was confirmed in March 2010 itself! Since then it has released and broken records in countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and its worldwide collections have only increased further. Don’t report lower numbers for 3 Idiots just to make SRK’s film look comparable!

  • Sanjeev Tamang

    i like this movie and i want to download this movie

  • Afzal

    let me correct you all ,
    this movie is meant for matured & loving kids person , a normal man cant understand what it is their in movie ,unless and until a human being is fully grown ,he will not understand RA One , from side i liked this movie very much , its a superb movie ,
    the story where Super Hero borns makes me more enjoyable , you now its very difficult to make such kind of story and movie ,
    Sharukh & Anubhav Sinha you both have done excelent job , i enjoyed a lot , keep it up…..

    Hand’s up JOb …………..

  • Saimon

    Hope SRK will give us more dolly film than above is very fantastic movie.And it is a nice gift to us on his birthday occasion………………………………..

  • George

    I love



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