Shahrukh Khan’s ‘RA.One’ takes over Youtube

For perhaps the first time in Bollywood history, the King Khan has roped in the most popular video site on the Internet to promote his home production, the superhero flick RA.One

There is a lot riding on RA.One for Shahrukh Khan in particular and Bollywood in general, because it is touted as a film that will silence all those who think that Bollywood is a complete non-starter compared to Hollywood as far as superhero films are concerned. SRK is going the whole hog to promote his film and he has pulled off a gimmick which even the biggest names in B-town couldn’t manage. Usually the official pages of all production houses are static, with only the trailers and songs of the film showcased, but Shahrukh has upped the ante. The official channel of RA.One on Youtube is a spectacle in itself, as it has the hero, aka G.One, aka SRK jumping in and out of windows, shooting down villains and much much more. The heavy duty animation combined with SRK’s famed wit makes it an amazing experience. This is one of the most creative and unique uses of the popular site by anyone in Bollywood. It doesn’t end with the trailer that ends with promoting branded merchandise; there is a promo-making contest for users as well. This contest is a novelty for a film of this genre and many aspiring filmmakers have already started to find ways to impress the King Khan with their creative inspirations. All this will certainly help the film in winning audiences the world over, but will the movie itself manage to wow critics and the BO? We are waiting to see what trick the marketing maestro has up his sleeve to deal with that!

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