Shahrukh Khan’s six-pack in ‘RA.One’ poster – real or SFX?

Shahrukh Khan’s six-pack in ‘RA.One’ poster – real or SFX?

The newly released poster for the film shows King Khan with abs that are more than impressive. And now we wonder if they are real or the result of a little computer-generated special effects

Remember the ‘Dard-e-disco’ song from SRK’s Om Shanti Om? His six-pack abs had become the talk of the town at the time. Director Farah Khan had gone on record to say that she had shot the song with SRK like Ramgopal Varma picturizes his sizzling heroines, showing off every curve and sinew. Later Aamir Khan outdid SRK with the eight-pack that he developed for Ghajini. We couldn’t help but notice when we saw Shahrukh’s more-than-impressive abs in the new poster of RA.One – but why is no song and dance being made of it? Is it probably because the abs are not real, being just part of the very expensive costume that the hero wears? Remember all the hoo-ha about the amount of weight SRK lost while he had to wiggle into the rubberised outfit, and the fact that there was no way he could stop for a loo-break once it was on? Wethinks some of it could be the superhero suit, while the rest could be the magic of the mouse, or computer generated special effects, like so much else in the film. Or perhaps SRK wants all attention to be focused on the visual effects and other gimmicks in the film, like the Akon’s ‘Chammak Challo’ song, the stunts, et al? Well whatever the case is, we like the new poster of RA.One. Do you?

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  • Insaf

    shahruk bhai sabke rikod tod do

  • Demonoid

    it is real…cant u notice it..der is always a diff between vfx and original …and RA.One Is Record Shattering film…

  • brian

    Still wonderfull and great

    • copy

      looool copy cats again lool batman poster

  • Nakul

    u guys are immatured morons… when a guy works so much on his physice it takes just few ppl like you to put up a article lkie this to show it is a gimmick of special effect… sick ppl… i think this site needs to be banned, will make sure in my own way..

  • Dad

    its clearly visible..
    abs r fake..
    d nly things which needs to be banned iz ur idiot brain…
    srk gay can nevr be salman, jitni marji photo shopping kar le.

    • rohit

      srk kam se kam risk to leta hai .sallu type south ka maal nai uthata

      • sksuman

        salman to at least south ki remake karta h ruk ruk k tarah ni h…hindi muv ki hi remake banata h like devdas,don n also a south movie billu.

  • Elsa

    Real or fake abs…… not important. the important thing is that the dildara song is the sweetest, best song I’ve heard, a treat to the eyes and the ears!!! shahrukh has done a great job with Ra One, truly unique

  • ankan

    r u nuts Mr Dad…its just original….and i hope shatters all records…coz yaar bahut mehnat kiya hai pura unit ne…they are already on with marketing strategies…..atleast their hard work needs to be paid off…

    • Danger

      Nakul.Elsa and Demonoid… i simply luvd ur comments….nd i will surely destroy all the records in Bollywood Cinema…Some Stupid critic wanna bet wd me on 500 crores COllection….Bring It On..!!!

  • Dadi

    Are you trying to compare visual effects with gimmicks? How sick! Have you ever tried to go little deeper into what cinema is all about?????

  • umer01

    Its real six pack not just a joke

  • shovon

    i need bollywood latest news,specially hrithik,shaheed kapoor,imran

  • Nagendra

    who said that is fake but all is in movie not in physical appearance

  • Saikat Batabyal

    Yeh hai King Khan.Jab ale hai toh kuch KING type ka hi hota hai. Bas SUPERB.


    i like who 4 hate me

  • sam

    hope this movie will perform best, it will break all the recordssss…………….come on Don

  • khan sakib

    it’s osm
    srk u r great
    i’m great fan of ur’s

  • kingsuva

    Shah Rukh you are looking gorgeous in the photo.Best of luck for your 2 upcoming films.

  • sayed

    1000000000000000000000000000000% fake……………..

  • Muzaffer saba


  • shaan

    Picture abibi baki hai…… wait and see….. shahrukh gona Rockkkkkkk……………..

  • gallagher

    i will get itnowboy

  • Sameer

    Rock star Ruk-Ruk khan

  • Raj

    Kya jhakash lag rahe ho. Pure HOT.