Shahrukh takes on Salman Khan for worst film award!

The two have always been rivals – sometimes friendly, mostly not – but now they’ve taken their one-up-man-ship to a different level altogether!

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan have always been competitive – whether they are both doing romantic hero roles in the beginning of their career or having their films release (Om Shanti Om and Saawariya) on the same date. They also work with the same female actors, be it Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif or Kareena Kapoor. They have often clashed for Best Actor trophies at various award functions. They even tried to outdo the other when it came to box office collections of their home productions that released this year. There was a lot of buzz floating around about whether RA.One had broken Bodyguard’s opening record or not. If Salman’s asininely silly film can earn huge amounts of money in the first weekend, then why not Shahrukh’s badly crafted superhero flick? But what had us guffawing early this morning was the fact that they are now competing for bad film awards! Shahrukh’s RA.One and Salman’s Bodyguard have been nominated in the Worst Film Award category at the Golden Kela Awards (the Indian equivalent of the Razzies). It’s almost as if they had both tacitly agreed to make their worst films in the same year, so that there could be no clear winner and their rivalry could continue. Actually, this is a toughie – which was the worse film? Luckily, we don’t have to fight about whose acting was worse than the other’s, as they haven’t been nominated in the Worst Actor category. Next year, it’s going to get tougher. Shahrukh is doing a film with Katrina for Yash Raj Films and it is slated to release during Diwali. Salman has already started shooting for YRF’s Ek Tha Tiger with Katrina and that is expected to release during Eid. Wonder who will come out on top. Any guesses?