Shahrukh vs Salman: The fans battle it out readers compete against each other, as they prove that their special idol is the best man

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: we love it when you send us honest feedback. So we are more than entertained by the war you, Salman Khan’s fans, are waging against you, Shahrukh Khan fans, through the comments section on our articles – whether it’s about Shahrukh overdoing the promotions of RA.One or how he’s slowly tarnishing his image while Sallu steadily cleans up his. We are more than happy to read what you have to say – even if all you guys are commenting is, “Either you are jealous to SRK’s success or paid by AutoRikshaw khan” or calling us, “Anti SRK Website” (tsk, is that the best you could come up with?) and stating “RA ONE gonna be a a greatest box office hit that ever had in world cine history” (sic). Of course, that can happen, we never said no! RA.One is a huge film, and we know all you SRK fans out there have great expectations from it. We too can’t wait to watch the film. But that doesn’t mean we are not waiting for Ek Tha Tiger too. So when you say, “if Ra.1 goes as even a normal hit, it’ll far more than bodyguard’s total collections,” we are happy to rub our hands in glee and wait for the volley that a Sallu fan is going to give in reply to that.