Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki full episode, 19th October 2016, written update: Harman’s friend Kaustub reaches Soumya

Kareena tells Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) about the annual pooja and asks her to pack her bags. Harman(Vivian Dsena) and Surbhi get in touch with Kasutub, an actor.

Saya asks Rani and Raveena where did they get a new mobile phone from. Kaustub says Harman is the real hero, he is just an actor. Harman tries to convince him to do it. Surbhi says he just has to go and tell her that Harman is going to come soon and take her away. He says what if he gets into danger, what if the kinners come to know that he is not a real kinner, what if they include them in their community for ever? He refuses. Harman offers money. Kaustub agrees to do it. He takes the entire bag of money. Surbhi says isn’t he ashamed ? He says he is an actor and he has to take money for his work. Harman asks him to stop blabbering and asks him to find Soumya by tomorrow morning. Kaustub asks for Soumya’s picture. Surbhi shows him the picture. Harman hands over extra bundles in his hands and warns him to do his job carfully. Kaustub says he is a man of his words.

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Raveena and Rani discuss what will they do when they will get the money. Harman and Surbhi wait for Kaustub. He comes dressed as a kinner and assures them that he will bring Soumya. Harman gives him a ring and asks him to give it to Soumya when he meets her. Kaustub asks them to leave as there are many kinners around. Surbhi asks if he will bring her back. He assures her that he will bring her back.

Kaustub enters the temple and greets everyone. Everyone gets surprised seeing a new member. He sees Soumya. He goes and praises Soumya’s looks. Saya stops her and asks her who is she. He asks who is Guruma. Saya asks why. He says he wants to ask her why has she kept her away from the community. He asks why was she kept away from her family.He asks what was his fault. Saya says whatever Guruma was for his good only. She asks what is his name. He says Kiranm. Saya asks Kareena to keep Kiran’s luggage inside her room.

Surbhi asks why did he stop the car suddenly. He asks Surbhi to leave as it can get dangerous here. She agrees and leaves. Surbhi reminds him that this is their last chance. Harman says he knows and he will not let it go in waste.

Harak Singh sees Preeto sitting quietly in front of the idol. He asks her to get up. She asks him to sit. She asks him to pray with her. They pray to god to return Harman to them. Vivaan sees them from behind. He prays to god to not bring Harman back and instead make him mad in Soumya’s love. He says this is his first and last wish.

Everyone celebrate dance together. Kaustub goes and sits beside Soumya. She gets uncomfortable and leaves. He calls her. Soumya asks why is she after her. Kaustub asks her to hear her out once. Also read: Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki full episode, 18th October 2016, written update: