Shakti Mohan, Lauren Gottlieb and Isha Sherwani – 3 contestants who didn’t deserve to be on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa!

Sat, August 9, 2014 11:05am IST by
Shakti Mohan, Lauren Gottlieb and Isha Sherwani – 3 contestants who didn’t deserve to be on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa!

This glamorous show has been quite controversial over the last seven seasons

Judged by Madhuri Dixit Nene, Karan Johar and Remo D’Souza’s popular dance reality show has managed to stay in news thanks to controversies. While the judge’s have been accused of bias and favouritism, there have been contestants who clearly didn’t deserve to be in the competition. Shakti Mohan, Lauren Gottlieb and Isha Sherwani are three participants who were a misfit in the list of participants. Here’s why…

Seasoned dancers: The show clearly has a mix of contenders sportsmen, small screen actors, failed Bollywood stars and item girls. However roping in trained dancers isn’t fair, is it? While we all know that Shakti Mohan in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 7 was the winner of dance reality show Dance India Dance, bagged her first Bollywood project all thanks to her dancing prowess. Lauren too is a contemporary dancer from the US, who took part in So You Think You Can Dance and was the third runner up on the show. She even went on to bag judge Remo’s directorial debut film ABCD (Anybody Can Dance). Isha too is a trained Indian contemporary dancer, who’s dance got her a ticket to Bollywood.

Unjust competitors: The fact that all these three gorgeous women are seasoned and trained dance professionals makes them unjust competitors. This trio in each of the seasons proved to be the best amongst the lot. Now, is that really a surprise? Considering that the shows marks an improvement graph of the performers, these seasoned dancers make the competition unjust.

Not a star: Considering that this is as much a popularity contest as a dancing show, all these three ladies ranked low on popularity chart. So, while they might have bagged thumbs up from the celebrity judges and their perfect 30, the fact that they were almost unknown to the viewers was an obvious reason that Lauren didn’t win the show. As for Isha she volunteered out after an injury. We wonder if a fabulous dancer like Shakti too will be out of the show with a popular TV star like Ashish Sharma or someone else taking the coveted trophy home this season.

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  • den

    I dont think so.. Shakti is a fabulous dancer and also an actress too. She has huge fan following bcz she was the leading actress in popular dance based show dil dosti dance .

    • arohi

      yeah Shakti is awesome but if you look format of jdj its about journey of nondancer to dancer so it is actually unfair to rope professional dancers.

      • Snigs♥ArSha

        Jhalak Dikhla Jaa is about Dancing with Celebrities :) Only Dance alone cant make them win but the popularity too.

        • Sana

          True! Its DANCING WITH STARS! And Shakti Mohan is a STAR! <3

  • roy

    all of them rock in dancing get real madam rashma

  • saya

    Completely agree with you it’s unfair that trained dancer to be in the show while the show is for non dancer

  • Neena

    who ever wrote this article… lol…. I know shakti mohan not cos of her dance but cos of her show on Channel V, I watched her for the first time as kriya, I watched her for the first time on Dil Dosti dance and she is a superb actor… To the best of my knowledge..jhalak is based on “dancing with the stars”…by virtue of which Shakti is a celeb thanks to her show she is popular actor… and also happens to be a dance reality show winner… Had she been only a dance show winner and then returned with Jhalak even then u wouldnt have made sense… n abt her popularity…”open your FB & twitter” “open your eyes and see”…..haha… Its thanks to media ppl like u that desrving contestants inspite of their popularity and talent r not made winners.. There are many actors n actresses on TV who have trained formally in clasical for years, only that they dey never participated in any dance reality show… But that doenst reduce their trained dancing skills, your argument is silly. Atleast is shakti’s case… #MorePowerShakti #ShaktiOnJhalak #TeamShakti #TeamSensible & just for your info US (me,my friends n family) here in NJ watch Jhalak only cos of Shakti…

    • Sana

      WOW well said! :)

    • Prasad730ld

      That shows her popularity

  • now u’re annoying me,

    n i think u need to get your facts right… lauren came to jhalak after abcd not before… n isha came to jhalak after movies not before…. :d uneasy mind seldom sprads logic :d

  • arohi

    I agree. they should not rope professional dancers. it is unfair

  • Beea Syed

    all are tooo gud but defintely shudnt be on the show cuz its for non dancers mostly nd especially shakti cuz she already won two dance shows den whyz she here ??

    • Sana

      2 dance shows? Explain please! :/

      • Beea Syed

        1. DID2 nd 2.out of india she took a dancing course in an academy nd won da competition ..

    • Grishma

      Y shakti….. You cant see isha, Lauren n tarajen.. Even tarajen is a winner its dancing with stars….if u say they are professionals even mouni akshat are trained dancers n also Sophie is good dancer what are they doing in the show if the show is of non dancers

      • Beea Syed

        not isha not lauren or sophie or mouni cuz they didnt win any show shakti already won DID 2

        • Grishma

          Here we talking about trained dancers n not who won

          • Beea Syed

            the point is even if they all are trained whozz da one who got the chance to show off their skills and win .. well only shakti got the chance so its time for others to do tht !! well watever think watever u want to as if i care.. just wanted to prove my point

  • Snigs♥ArSha

    Sympathies to Tara Jean lol..poor girl won 2 shows but the media never notices her.

    Show is about Celebs and all the three are.

    Its not their fault that they r celebs and also are pro at dance.

  • Snigs♥ArSha

    FYI, Shakti has more followers on Twitter ans also more fans on facebook page than Ashish :) Just becoz he is from a BIG Channel doesnt make him more popular.

    Bollywood life should know everything before they speak crap.

  • Snigs♥ArSha

    Rashma Shetty Bhali, open your fb n twitter and check out Shaks popularity LMAO.

  • Snigs♥ArSha

    A girl who was trending many times nation wide in India is an unknown name. LOL…stupid media! and their baseless articles.

    • Gayatri Pillai

      hahaha i swear :D

  • Guest

    Akshat and TJ are trained dancers too I’m sorry, why aren’t you putting up their names in the list too! And Shakti Mohan is a very popular and loved person too, Thank you!

  • Czarbeauty

    Oh please! if you say that shakti is not known you are sadly mistaken or you are living in some dream world of your own. Shakti mohan is the most famous celeb #Dil Dosti Dance, DID,Kamli,aa re pritam pyaare,Tequila wakila and many more. She is loved very much by the youth and lets not forget that the audience watches the show for dance nothing else.Why blame these celebs,if the show is abt non dancers then the makers of the show need to be blamed not them.If these dancers are considered then they should be treated fairly.And stop saying that they didn’t deserve to be part of the show.Whatever they are today is because of their hard work and lets respect that.

  • Prasad730ld

    How could u make such a statement. Shakti is a fabulous dancer and small screen actress too.
    as u only said JDJ 7 includes small screen actors. And by the way JDJ 7 theme itself is dancing with stars. So please dont make such a statement.

  • Sakshi

    One question… why is tara jean popowich not included in tge article.:)

  • Gayatri Pillai

    I always wanted to be in the media world.. but if that world is filled with such bullshit, i better not open that door. Media ppl are supposed to know the truth..umm sorry.. the COMPLETE truth about a personality or actress before uselessly writing an article.
    ok..wait.. Shakti.. non-popular??? bbwwahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahaahahahahhahahahahah :D
    Open ur eyes baby.. open them properly, splash cold water and put some eye drops too if needed. But please dont talk rubbish!!
    And yes.. the point that professional dancers should or should not be taken into a show is upon the channel. But after u hav chosen a dancer as ur contestant, Colors cant “allow” her to win because she is a professional.. u knew she is a trained dancer before signing her right?? Then why offer her JDJ if u dont want her to win??
    So please.. keep ur stupid logics and cheap stuff to urslf..!!
    Shkati deserves to be in JDJ because SHE IS A STAR!!
    and she deserves to win because SHE IS A RISING STAR <3