Sharad Kelkar: Not going to copy Mohnish Behl’s style in ‘Kuch Toh Log Kahenge’

Sharad Kelkar: Not going to copy Mohnish Behl’s style in ‘Kuch Toh Log Kahenge’

Television actor Sharad Kelkar, who is replacing Mohnish Behl in Kuch Toh Log Kahenge, says he won’t copy the former’s style and will just play the lead character of Dr Ashutosh

“The director thought since the character requires a certain amount of maturity so I would perfectly fit into it. But I am not stepping into Mohnishji’s shoes. I am stepping into the character’s shoes. He acted very well and was brilliant in the show. But I am not going to copy him,” said  Kelkar. “I have my own style and attitude when it comes to acting. No two actors can be the same. So I hope viewers like me in my own avatar and not compare me with Mohnishji. I will try to fulfill all the requirements and expectations of people,” he said.

Before shooting for the show, Sharad did a two-day workshop with other actors of Kuch Toh Log Kahenge. “I had a meeting with the team and that time I had some prior commitments, so took some time to decide. It seemed like a challenge to me, but then I thought one should go ahead and said yes,” said the actor who is an MBA in marketing.

Sharad agreed that the industry does not have many roles for senior experienced actors. “It is a tragedy that there are not much roles for senior actors in the industry. One reason could be that they charge a lot more money than the young and fresh faces that are introduced. Second, the trends in television industry. There has always been a trend that is followed. So I believe a trend will come when senior actors will play major roles,” said Kelkar.

The actor best remembered for his role in Zee Tv’s show Saat Phere and was last seen playing the role of Digvijay Thakur in Balaji Telefilms serial Bairi Piya aired on Colors. Post completion of the show, Sharad had been busy with the shooting, dubbing and promotion of Marathi feature film Chinu, releasing on March 9.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Dr Rajdeep

    Best of luck Sharad These are huge boots to fill But I hope u emulate MB in your own style I wish u help us forget MB who has ditched us

    • srasti[big fan of mohnish ji]

      yes we want only mb as dr ashu please i pray to u i am a big fan of mohnishji.when sk will come we will not have interest in this serial.we want only mohnishji-mohnishji-mohnishji mohnishji as dr ashu.he is a nice not only nce very nice for please don’t quit mohnishji.i pray to u.pair of kk and mb look nce together.i wan’t mb as dr ashu back.srry sharad i want mb only as dr ashu.till no tv no ktlk and for me no food also.i love mohnishji as a fan not as that manner

      • skm

        we want mb only as dr ashu.i didn’t know how u act sk in ktlk we want mb and kk only in ktlk if u will not do what we[viewers of ktlk] want then we will not see this serial.and u act u watch only this serial ok………….
        you know when i[the big fan of mb] get the news from my frnd that mb quit ktlk i didn’t know wht is going in my home and i m in shock that why mb quit ktlk and seeing the wallpaper of mb in my laptop.we want mb only as dr ashu and nthing and by our comments u realize that mb is only fit for ktlk not sk then we will hppy that mb came back in ktlk and i will vry vry vry happy.

        • Amanat

          I start wathing this only because of Mohnish Behl since he is not playing the role Dr. Ashutosh not only myself but lot of people going to stop wathing the show. so pls bring Mr.Mohnish Behl back because a lot of people loosing their interest in the show.It is a request and a request must be fulfilled.

          • KOMAL KHAN

            MR MOHNISH BEHL is the one who had done brilliant character in ktlk, the show started with so many best characters with the lead actor MB , MR SHARAD KELKER IS ALSO A GOOD ACTOR BUT HE CAN’T PLAY LIKE MOHNISH BEHL BECUASE HE WAS THE SOUL OF KTLK, IT IS NOT ONLY MY REQUEST BUT ALOT OF FANS WHO WANT TO SEE YOU BACK.SHARAD KELKER IS NOT GOING TO COPY mb’s style becuase he is not handsome and decent like mb so plese please please please it our request that please bring back mb in ktlk becuase the show is going boring and no one is going to watching the show.

  • M

    Doesn’t matter wht u r going to do or not becoz we fans want MB only as DR Ashu. we don’t care how u act or not becoz we are not going to see it. u only act and u only see. NO KTLK till they don’t listen wht their viewers want to see. TILL than NO KTLK AND NO SONY TV BYEEE.

  • anju

    I know it will be very hard to see any face in place of MB,howsoever brilliant that actor may be.But let’s not do injustice to Mr. SK and so I wish him best luck. I doubt although if diehard ktlk fans will accept SK from bottom of their hearts.

  • RS

    May be SK is a good actor but not acceptable as DR. ASHU. WE want MB only as Dr. ASHU. We are fans and they must known wht we want to see. MB only is a person who can give justice to the role of Dr. ASHU. don’t kill the beauty of the show WE want to see as a pair MB and KK only and Dr. ashu can be only MB Sorry Sk u r not acceptable. WE WANT MB BACK. till than No sony TV and NO ktlk.

  • mamta

    What a pity that Sony Tv paid no heed to audience request to continue with Mohnish . They cannot replace him with a weak actor like SK who may hold hands etc but will never bbe able to generate the romance that MB did without getting physical. Kamlesh pandey,s dialogues and MB,s rendition with his eyes and voice was heady stuff – there was no need to touch . And that look reminding us of Nutan – why did Sony play the spoilsport ?MB saying Nidhi, Nidhi ,nidhi with that voice was more romantic than any physical contact . The dialogues – tumarah intezar mujhe choo deta hai , In ansuo se mujhe bida mat kar… etc w-in MB,s voice and those eyes – who really wanted the physical stuff . Now we feel that nidhi is not genuine as dr ashutosh looks like a different man and will act like one too . Sony Spoilsports – Will never watch another serial of theirs as they do not care about audience

  • ramesh

    Mr. kelkar u not even stand near MB so wht u will copy him and u can never ever copy his style. how he has acted as DR. Ashutosh u can never act like that. KK and SK they look so bad together i saw in bombay times. i don’t like their pair together. Sony Tv u r the last hope for us do something for ur viewers and bring MB back. for u r viewers MB come back for ur fans and for their love. dont hurt us like this. SONY TV do something to bring MB back for all u r love able viewers.

  • Deepa

    Well, I am an MB fan and with a big sigh, have bid adieu to him in KTLK. Whatever everyone may say, we have to respect his decision which would not have been easy to take. After all, he had accepted to play the role of Dr. Ashutosh with a particular story line in mind. When it started getting awry and nobody had a clue what is going to come in the next episode, he had no choice. Coupled that with his health condition – it would have been really frustrating. Even if there is another side to the story as propounded by Sony about his being arrogant and non-cooperative, well, i still give him the benefit of doubt. In the circumstances as the story line and direction was going, i think he did what was wise. So MB, please come back but in a new avatar in some other show. We love you!!

    As regards Sharad Kelkar – i am not a great fan of his as I never saw any of his serials – yet I feel we should not dismiss him like this and welcome him and encourage him to get into the character. May be, Sony has learnt a lesson and would no longer ruin the serial by putting stupid, illogical scenes in the beautiful KTLK. I welcome you Sharad and look forward to some great acting from you and KK.

    So guys – have a big heart, pray that MB becomes fine soon and signs up another good show so that we can see the dimpled king again very soon. And best of luck SK!

  • Eli T

    Good luck, Sharad. I hope you are able to do justice to this role. Please ignore the negative comments and concentrate on KTLK. Can’t wait to see your presence in the upcoming episodes.

  • ab

    this is for MB asman ke tare puchte hai humse,kya tume ab bhi intezar hai uske aneka aur mera dil muskurake kehta hai, muje to ab tak yaqeen nahi huwa uske jane ka

  • Jay

    We don’t have any harsh feeling for Mr. Kelkar but we can’t imagine him as dr. Ashu he is welcome in KTLK but not as Dr. Ashu. Dr. Ash is only MB. when we viewers start liken the show this people really mess it up Me and My frnd have not left any interested in watching KTLK. without MB they have done this for TRP. god bless them with their TRP by breaking their fans heart. MB i will say that only GET WEll SOON and hope we can start seeing again this show KTLK with ur come back. till than i am with my frnds. NO KTLK

  • Saha

    For me it Doesn’t Matter u r there or some one else but this think matter for my frnd and she is sad that his fav actor has been replaced so sorry dear not interested in watching you. i will say for her bring MB back. i have seen 1 or 2 epi he was really good for that role and i think he was perfected. but i m not attached so emotionally as my frnd is PLZ come back MB and KTLK SONY TV PLZZZZZZZZZZZ bring him back for all u r viewers all over the world who use d to Love MB and will NOt watch this serial If MB will no there.

  • Maan

    Hope this people will bring MB back in KTLK. don’t let down your viewers like this. We all fans will be waiting for MB to see back in KTLK. otherwise u will break so many viewers heart. and i don’t think u people also like that. So try to take out some solution and bring MB back in KTLK as are Dr. ASHU.We will be waiting till than sorry can’t see KTLK.

  • Hussain khan

    I think ktlk should be closed becoz Monish sir z not there now,i am so depress that i can’t xplain,actually Rajin producer of this show z a D-grade producer he z stretching this serial like a Rubber,i am unable to understand why he z doing ….

  • naj

    pls sk you dont even try to copy mb as you said i wont pls you cant so pls dont say that only mb is ashu for us sorry not insulting but thats how ktlk will be

  • sree

    if u try also u cannot act like him.u may do many intimacy scenes but u cannot give the expressions the way MB gave.for us ashu means only MB.

  • hitu

    now this serial only that people will see who love to see bull sheet serial becoz this serial has lost his beauty. Sorry SK . but don’t say also that u r not going to copy MB becoz u can’t copy him u also know better it’s still time bring MB back.

  • raj

    pls pls bring MB back.can’t see anyoneelse as Ashutosh.this is a torture.y can’t u listen to ur fans?wt v expect is a mature story.5feet romance was mindblowing.nw know wt romance is going to come,jst like other shows.usp of the show is lost.hping for some miracle,still want MB back as Ashu.

  • Amanat

    I love wathing KTLK because the role of Dr.Ashutosh was being played by Mr.Mohnish Behl since he is not their no point wathing this show.pls bring him back it is request

  • clara

    Monish…plz come back!! This serial has lost it’s charm!!! I feel that i should stop watching this serial now!!!

  • Kulbir

    pls bring back the real Dr.Ashutosh no one can replace him. He was one of a kind. i don’t understand why he had choose this show and then left it in the middle. Mr.Mohnish Behl if you read all these comments pls come back to the show.

  • fan

    Mb come back we will be waiting for you. till than we don’t want to see this show any more without you. WE want MB back as Dr. Ashu…..

  • Raji

    I am a big fan of Mohnish and was upset that he is quitting the show and thought I cannot watch the serial any longer.However Sharad is a perfect replacement.In fact he seems to fit into the role much better than Mohnish.The chemistry between Sharad and Kritika is also better than that Kritika shared with Mohnish.Best wishes to Sharad.

  • Vafia

    We are just viewers and fans of MB N KK we can just request the come back of MB to the show the rest is on the director and the actor. MB N KK were the perfect pair as per the story demand. Valentines day episode was the best before MB leaving the show. Since the last one and a half months the show is just dragging in unwanted different directions.

  • Eric Pattison

    Sharads voice is such a rich baritone and it is this, apart from his very good looks, that will, and does make him more attractive to any woman, and more so Kritika. It is my silent wish that the relationshp in the movie continues into their real and private lives. And their gazing into each others eyes and the love nuances are so touching and realistic. And with the loveliest Lady, Kritika. on this planet, they make a very beautiful coupe

    • Reshma

      Eric it is as if you stole every word of my.I agree with every sentence of left baffled as to how two people can think so much alike.I have started adoring these scintalating couple.U are rt. their gaze is so romantic so realistic, and to see them together is a lesson in the beauty of LOVE

  • Vafia

    There are merely few established actors on small screen on which my fav are mohnish bhel and ronit Roy their portrayal of performance are so outstanding that it seems quite natural. It is due to a lot of experience gained. MB performance in KTLK as an dignified doc is still remembered . SK performance as far as romance is concerned is good but not as an doc. Enthusiasm in KK has thoroughly diminished , I feel there is lot of insecurities seen. MB N KK when performed a romantic scene was always seen in their expression which was very adorable . The excitement of watching the show has gone by after the exit of MB. The well executed show has lost its charm, essence and excitement .the show is just dragging in all unwanted directions.

  • Manel Kandanearatchi

    No one can copy Mohnish Bahls style of acting.

  • kritikakamu

    sharad kelkar is not good .mohnish behal. we all fan miss u please back.