Sharmila Tagore wants to cook Bengali style fish curry for Kareena Kapoor

Now that the newlywed Kareena Kapoor has transformed into a fishetarian, mum-in-law Sharmila Tagore wants to cook a special fish curry for her

Kareena Kapoor who had turned vegetarian for health and spiritual reasons, is back to eating fish. And the one person who’s the happiest with KK’s decision is Sharmila Tagore, who’s eager to satiate Bebo’s taste buds by preparing a typical Bengali style fish curry for her. Kareena Kapoor, who’s a hardcore yoga enthusiast, had left her tandoori chicken eating days far behind when she had to get into a size-zero shape for Tashan. The khaati peeti Punjabi chick had to sacrifice on the butter naans and servings of chicken makhani just so that she could fit into a pair of 26 waist-size pants. But looks like Kareena has gotten back to an eating spree, since Ms Tagore is so hell-bent on serving KK with the best fish curry ever.

We wonder what after the fish curry though, time for some aloo posto or a delicious serving of macher chop?