Posted Mon, May 21, 2012 8:00pm IST

Superstars come together for a good cause – Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapoor, Parineeti, Sridevi, Aamir Khan, Ayushmann Khurrana, Malaika Arora Khan and others rock the NDTV Greenathon!

It was a day to remember. Priyanka Chopra was there, so was her cousin sis, Parineeti Chopra. And they showed great sisterly bonding when they danced to Desi girl together. We liked. And what we liked more was the obvious friendship between Piggy Chops and her Don co-star Shahrukh Khan. There was no strain to be seen, which was lovely to see, especially considering the amount of gossip that has been floating about where these two major stars and their relationship are concerned. They were supportive of the cause they were there to support – lighting up India – and they came, did their thing, said what they needed to and left…or SRK did, anyway, while PC stayed on through the event, since she has been one of the main props of a clean-up initiative. And she did her bit to bring in other stars as well. Which wethinks makes so much more sense than just arriving on the scene, making usually-empty promises and leaving, all in a blaze of camera flashlights and not much substance.

The others that came and went shone as brightly. There was Aamir, being his usual rather serious self, though he did whoop it up with Ayushmann Khurrana, who was more cheery than ever after his Vicky Donor made the cash registers go kaching-kaching. There was Sridevi, who looked as ravishing as ever as she Hawa hawai-ed away. And Malaika Arora Khan made song and dance of Anarkali, the lady who took off to the disco, while Shahid Kapoor moved to the beats of his various blockbuster hits, including Mauja hi mauja from Jab We Met, and Shweta Tiwari wiggled and jiggled to the music.

SRK was serious in his usual funny way. While everyone scrupulously avoided talking about the IPL, he was his well-known self-deprecating character, even as he spoke earnestly about the importance of light and how much it was an integral part of his work. And he offered to make up any shortfall there may be in the lighting up India initiative, adding that he wanted to see what was being done in the villages, though he would travel in his own luxury van, which delighted the enthusiastic team in the studio – Prannoy Roy, RK Pachauri, Vikram Chandra and others.

But what had our happy little hearts thump madly and our giggles burst through every pore was the little jiggy thing that SRK and PC did with Cyrus Broacha adding his silliness for good measure. First they danced to the title track from Don 2 – after a glitch in the soundtrack tape had the wrong song echoing through the stage – and Priyanka and Shahrukh taught the well-filled Cyrus how to do the spin and dip move. SRK also showed Cyrus, tastefully draped in a red dupatta, how to swing his hips like Chammak challo. And once he had charmed everyone present at the studio and all of us watching at home, he said his goodbyes and left. On to bigger and better things and not arguments that colour his image, we hope!