Shastri Sisters: Why does Neha Pednekar have scissors tattooed on her palm?

The mystery surrounding the actor’s tattoo has come to an end. Read on to know more…

Neha Pednekar has gained fame through her role of Alka in her recently released show Shastri Sisters. What many of you aren’t aware of, is that the actor sports a scissors tattoo on her palm, and has to hide it with heavy make up as the same doesn’t compliment her on-screen character.

The reason behind the unique tattoo is the actor’s past where she was a hair stylist! The inked scissors definitely make sense now, eh? The beauty while talking to a popular daily revealed, “I got my ‘then’ passion inked six years ago. The idea was that the scissors should move along with my fingers. I didn’t think I would get into acting later or else, wouldn’t have got it done. It’s a huge distraction now and I regret it. I have to hide it all the time.”

Well it’s a shame the actor regrets it as the idea behind the inked art is innovative indeed. As long as the makeup hides it, we advise Neha to take a breather and show off the tattoo proudly in her off-screen avatar!