Shaurya Chauhan delays ‘Krrish 3’?

The feisty stunt-girl Shaurya Chauhan plays the negative lead in Krrish 3. But due to a sudden injury, the actor has been asked to take it easy. Can the superhero flick afford this delay?

The shoot of Krrish 3 is fast turning into a saga of injuries. After Hrithik Roshan, it’s stunt-girl and TV host Shaurya Chauhan’s turn to nurse her injury. Shaurya, who was recently seen in Sadda Adda will be seen fighting super hero Krrish in the upcoming sequel. The actor has been rigorously training for the last three months for this role. It so happened, that while training for one such action sequence in Hyderabad, Shaurya heavily landed on her foot and injured her ankle. Ouch! Now the actor has been advised total bed-rest for some time. Does that mean the shoot will be stalled, yet again? Guess not. “They have just started shooting Hrithik’s action sequences for the film. My portions will be shot sometime in May,” said Shaurya.

In the meanwhile, the actor is making the most of her free time. “I haven’t been training in the past week due to my injury. So, I have taken the time to read up a few scripts that have come my way. I’ll finish the dubbing for another film of mine. Post April most of my dates have been allotted to Krrish 3,” she further added. It sure looks like here’s a girl who is pretty sorted when it comes to her dates, no?