“She wants to break up,” Taapsee Pannu and Saqib Saleem decode what a girl actually means when she says…

Taapsee Pannu and Saqib Saleem‘s latest release Dil Juunglee is about a guy and a girl, and the complex relationship they share during two different phases of their lives. With so many complexities in a relationship, it gets difficult for a guy and a girl to know what their partner is actually trying to say. So we decided to put the stars to a test and play a fun game where they had to decode what guys and girls actually mean when they say a particular statement.

We gave a couple of statements like “We need to talk,” “Isn’t that girl cute?” “I need space,” “I am nearly ready,” for them to decode and tell us what they felt their partner actually meant. What followed is nothing short of hilarious. Taapsee and Saqib both started giving their takes on these statements and the manner in which they said it will surely crack you up. They were very candid and we loved their answers. In fact, Taapsee even revealed that a girl means she wants to break up when she says… Well to know the exact statement and the other revelations, watch our exclusive video above and tell us if you also agree with them or not in the comments section below! (ALSO READ – [Exclusive Video] Saqib Saleem reveals one thing that Taapsee Pannu will never say on camera)

In the meantime, Taapsee Pannu and Saqib Saleem’s Dil Juunglee has finally hit the theatres. And while there was a decent buzz around the film, it could not capitalise on it at the box office. The film took off very poorly, recording an opening occupancy that was was even below 10 per cent. But with a decent word of mouth publicity developing for the movie, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel for Dil Juunglee. Anyway, stay tuned to BollywoodLife as we get you all the dope and updates about Taapsee and Saqib’s film right here.