Shekhar Kapur’s pictures of his film Paani show the future!

The Mr India director reveals his initial designs for his much-hyped film Paani. But will it ever be made? And with Hrithik Roshan?

It seems that Shekhar Kapur has woken up. He has only one obsession these days – Paani. The director isn’t running thirsty or anything, he is just eager to make his futuristic film set in Mumbai based on the water shortage crisis. Some time ago Shekhar unveiled a tentative poster of his film, and held a panel discussion between eminent intellectuals who debated the subject of water scarcity and privatisation of water supply and management.

Today Shekhar revealed a picture based on the storyboard of the film. “Paani Designs. Scavenger’s City. Where people of the Upper City chuck down their waste”, he tweeted. From the look of the poster and presumably the film, it seems that in the future Mumbai city will be divided into segments which include the upper levels and Scavenger city. The upper city apparently has the affluent population that can afford water, besides other luxuries, in the year 2040 AD, and all the waste from the privileged is dumped in Scavenger city.

We must say that it’s quite an impressive effort by Kapur and his team. The graphic looks cool, yet we can clearly see that the film will be no small budget venture! To create a futuristic city like Mumbai could become would entail heavy expenditure on set design, and given that Shekhar is currently facing a creatively dull period, it seems a bit tough for Paani to take off. Plus Hrithik wont be doing the film either, from what we are told – Kapur is looking for three new actors, our buddy the birdie says. Bit tough to find a producer willing to spend that big without a star, isn’t it, Mr K?

We wish him luck anyway, ‘coz the man’s been nurturing the dream of making his dystopian masterpiece for four years now, ever since the time when water was a bit less scarce that it is now!