Sherlyn Chopra and Bhairavi Goswami slug it out on Twitter

No doubt the two wannabe starlets are publicity hungry and jump at any possible situation to earn their two seconds of fame, but when one Ms Nobody condemns another, wethinks it makes for an amusingly spicy Bollywood story

Aspiring actor turned controversial producer Sherlyn Chopra has always been very vocal about her silicone laden body, but when someone like Bhairavi Goswami – who’s Bollywood career starts and ends with a couple of cameos and modelling assignments – gives her opinion on it, we think anybody’s hackles would rise. Sherlyn recently tweeted angrily demanding why people ask her who she sleeps with, considering she doesn’t do that to anybody and also that it’s nobody’s business. Now only someone who’s out of work will get hot and bothered by such a tweet, we told ourselves, just before we dug a little deeper for dirt. So we reckon, without wasting much time, that Ms Goswami warmed up a li’l, took the Almighty’s blessing and jumped at the opportunity of saying something witty after ages – or was it for  the first time? The jury is still out on that one.) And she came up with a retort and replied to Chopra with – “Whoever sleeps with a scarecrow with silicone”. Now we are sure that Ms Silicone Chopra wouldn’t keep mum and is going to hit back with vengeance boiling venom pretty soon. That’s a cardinal rule in B-town – slings and arrows are always responded to with atom bombs and missiles. So as we wait for the next big dhamaka, we are sure Sherlyn is thinking of something that’s going to get her all the applause…or so she hopes.As for us, any bombshells – verbal or silicone laden – work wonders to wake us up, at least for a few seconds!