Sherlyn Chopra calls Kamasutra 3D director a pimp!

The controversial babe went on to call the director of her forthcoming erotic movie Kamasutra 3D an epic pimp. He is the same man who she used to address as appa. Clearly, the war of words between Sherlyn and Rupesh Paul has become fodder for some interesting discussions

Call it kahaani mein (read Kamasutra 3D) twist or a publicity gimmick like no other, but Rupesh Paul, the director Kamasutra 3D, who used to be so close and dear to Sherlyn Chopra, that the gal would address him as appa (father in Hindi), has suddenly transformed into a pimp for the playboy starlet!

If you’re wondering what happened, then apparently there are some massive creative differences between Sherlyn and Rupesh that eventually led to Sherlyn’s withdrawal from the movie; this obviously agitated the director. Sherlyn chose to ditch even the trailer launch of the movie because she is not happy with the fact that she has not been given adequate exposure in the film’s sensational trailer.

Rupesh went on to question that how could Sherlyn leave the film, when she endorsed it in Cannes film festival. “I have shot all the scenes with her for my movie except for few promotional ones. Then I fail to understand when did she quit? After being a major part of us in Cannes, American Film Market, IFFI- Goa and more, even till the end month of the last year, when did she actually quit?” said Rupesh in his defence.

Sherlyn too, unleashed a verbal attack of sorts in response, when she got to know about the unsavoury comments he was making about her. “Mr.Hatela, @rupeshpaul says dat he cannot be my ‘PIMP’. Kyun nahi?? Shakal se toh Pimps ka Boss lagta hai.. Ab woh kya kamaayega aur kaise?” declared Sherlyn.

The ugly spat is for the world to witness on Sherlyn’s Twitter account, with the babe calling her director friend a pimp and appa in the same breath. To this comment, Rupesh has responded in a quirky way. “Dear Sherlyn, you can hire a pimp for your business, but spare your father,” said Rupesh.


For more fiery war of words between Rupesh and Sherlyn, just browse through Chopra’s Twitter page to know how the ugly drama unfolded for the world to see!