Sherlyn Chopra wants a Bharat Ratna…for what?

Sherlyn Chopra wants a Bharat Ratna…for what?

It was okay till the starlet aimed to outdo Pamela Anderson in the the number of Playboy covers (though even that was a bit too much for us!) she posed for. But eyeing the highest civilian award just for posing nude sounds …errrr…. crazy

Looks like Sherlyn Chopra is heady with the meagre attention showered on her by Hugh Hefner and the Playboy team. And we patiently sat and heard out Ms Chopra’s rant about missing the Mansion, Ava Fabian, Hugh Hefner and the team. But guess Sherlyn mistook that tactful silence for approval and acceptance. And that’s probably what led her to believe that she had done great social service to the country. “I shud b given a Bharat Ratna award-d highest civilian award of d Republic India given 4 d highest degree of service 2 the nation.Seriously!” Tch tch!

Dear Sherlyn, you shed clothes for your own good. Please tell us, what makes you think that India has benefited from this act?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • ar

    i know about her before. i always thought of her as a loser and a attention seeker.

  • beena

    good heavens, she should be immediately deported to da above mentioned “MANSION” to live wid dat oldy…

  • anonymous

    Mother terasa received bharat ratna.What service did this model do to demand such a award ?

  • Tapas

    She is hot..

  • SZK

    Bharat Ratan to Sherylin Chopra ko to milna chahiye. Lekin ye Sherylin ko dega kon. Dara Singh to Chale gaye. Khaali ki umar nahin rahi. Haan ek aadmi hai jo Sherylin ko de sakta hai. Woh ha Vinod Khanna. Sherylin ke liye Vinod Khanna se behtar koyee nahin hai jo use Bharat Ratan de sake.