Shiamak Davar: Puss in Boots is gorgeous and spiritual

Choreographer Shiamak Davar reveals his love for animation movies and the spirituality it offers

What do you get when you mix dance with spirituality? You get an ace choreographer like Shiamak Davar! At a recent event, Shiamak and his team made cute little kids and a stylish puss groove to the beats of Puss in Boots. “Why Puss?” we asked, and Shiamak quipped, “I think he is gorgeous!”  So, what attracted Shiamak to this animated movie? “Animation movies offer a very good platform because they connect well with kids as well as adults.” That’s true Shiamak, but is there a special reason why you like animated movies? “I believe animated movies send out a very spiritual message. Look at Lion King, what a strong spiritual message it sent!” and goes on to add, “If you see my house, it has only has animation movies.” Point taken Mr Choreographer, as you proceed to make the puss your favourite spiritual guru, do you think you could see a Bollywood star in those boots? “Well, maybe Shahid Kapoor or Hrithik Roshan. Certainly someone who can dance well.” Well that was obvious, the best will always seek the best!