Shibani Dandekar: I am happy to have stepped into Marathi space!

The VJ turned-singer-turned-model-turned-anchor is happy about her ‘new innings’ in Marathi movie industry. After showing off her sexy lavani dance moves in films such as Timepass and Sangharsh, this beauty is now looking for a good Bollywwood offer to come along

She is the hottest Marathi import from the land of kangaroos. After her sassy sister Anusha Dandekar made a giant leap from the land ‘Down Under’ to the glam world of Bollywood in Mumbai, Shibani Dandekar followed the route and made herself known with her fabulousness as a VJ, model and actor. We have seen this Australian Marathi mulgi interviewing cricket experts on the pitch during the IPL (Indian Premier League). And this year she was seen lagaoing thumka on a lavani number in Ravi Jadhav’s Marathi venture Timepass that went on to rake in Rs 100 crore at the box office.

Though a full-fledged role is yet to come we wonder if we can call it Shibani’s Marathi Debut. “You can call my lavani dance is Timepass my Marathi debut, followed shortly by my performance in Sangharsh. So it’s safe to say now that I am officially in the Marathi industry. I am hoping to do a Marathi movie next. So let’s see for that is on the cards,” said Shibani when we bumped into her at a glitzy event in Mumbai’s five-star hotel.

At moment she is basking the glory of her fantastic dance moves. Does shaking that well-choreographed booty come to the babe naturally? “When you do any kind of dance the idea is to enjoy it and have fun. You just enjoy yourself and be who you are. Dance has been a very important part of my life since I was a little girl,” added Shibani

Shibani looked her stylish best at the do. While sister Anusha Dandekar is known for giving those much-needed style tips as a funky MTV VJ, we wonder where does Shibani get her style cues from and how does the babe keep her herself fashion sensible? “Blindly following trends and trying to be something you are not is the best way to mess it up. Just be yourself. I have learnt this all by myself. Do study about what works for your body type. Make sure you pay attention to what works best for your personality. Fashion is all about who you are so there’s no point in being someone you are not,” opined Shibani.

How does the babe dabble in so many interests that keep her in so much demand. From the cricket pitch to the sensuous ramp, Shibani straddles with confidence in the entertainment zone. “When you have interest in many things weather it is acting, dancing modeling or singing, you have to adapt. For me it is very exciting to do a variety of things. I am a very moody person and I get bored very easily so doing all these things helps me keep going,” explained Shibani.

We also spotted another IPL beauty Rochelle Rao at the event. Beaming with incredible enthusiasm Rochelle told us how she makes quick transitions from being the cheerful IPL girl who interviews cricketing guru to being a sexy model. “For me it’s always been a back and forth battle. I have always been a talker. I am split between both the worlds. I love doing a bit of both. Cricket has always been easy for me I am well versed with the game. I can talk about jewellery too it’s become part of being a woman I must say,” said Rochelle.

Ask her how she manages to look elegantly stylish whenever we see her and bang comes the reply with that effervescent smile. “Style for me is being yourself and making a statement defines your style. Just be yourself and confident and you will get attention when you enter a room. I am a foodie so I eat a small amount of what I love. I do a lot of Pilates and I play a lot with dogs,” concluded Rochelle.