Shilpa says goodbye to films!

The actor-turned-businesswoman no longer wants to be a part of tinseltown. She wants to travel, and concentrate on marriage and work

Shilpa Shetty’s long-pending Indo-Chinese film The Desire is about to release soon. And that will be her last film, for now. The sexy Bollywood babe says, “This is going to be the last film audiences are going to see me in for some time. So, out of choice I am not going to work for another couple of years. I think if people want to see whatever little I have done, they should go and watch the movie.” Good way to lure her audience to the theatres for The Desire, wethinks! Anyways the reason Shilpa wants to put a full stop to movies is that she wants to travel, concentrate on her business and play the role of a doting wife! Cho chweet! Or is it the ‘rumoured’ pregnancy reports? What to do? We can’t stop our wicked minds from going into overdrive. Also, we wonder if the married hottie was getting any substantial roles in the first place! Soon after her Celebrity Big Brother victory in the UK, Shilpa then got married, bought an IPL team, opened a chain of spas and announced plans to produce a film. While the first three initiatives were realised, we haven’t heard anything from her on the maiden project. Now production is one ballgame not everyone can handle. So, all the reasons put together and Shilpa’s voluntary retirement announcement is no surprise. We suggest the lovely lady should consider make her pregnancy reports come true and go the family way like her contemporaries Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Celina Jaitley and Lara Dutta!