Shilpa Shetty with baby Viaan Raj Kundra: Pic revealed!

Thu, July 12, 2012 7:30pm IST by
Shilpa Shetty with baby Viaan Raj Kundra: Pic revealed!

We squealed with delight when we saw it. But then realised that it wasn’t Viaan peeking out from the photograph

Yes, we are a curious lot when it comes to B-town babies. And why not? Almost everyone in and around Bollywood is eager to get the first glimpse of those cute li’l bundles of joy. Right? So no points for guessing what came to our minds when we saw this picture of Shilpa Shetty holding a li’l baby! We spotted it on the Internet and thought it was the fitness diva’s baby boy – Viaan Raj Kundra. But it wasn’t so.

“There is a picture doing the rounds, claiming it’s my son and I. Just want 2 say thats a picture of my niece Shyana and me taken a year back,” Shilpa clarified on her microblogging site. Uh-ho! Guess the wait for Viaan’s pic continues. So when we will get to see the real Viaan, dear Mrs Kundra?Subscribe to me on YouTube

  • raju

    it just a baby like any other ordinery baby y they r hiding. y they are doing like thise.thise shows that world is fully of ego,selfishness and unequility .humanbeing r same.we come to this world with nothing and has go by nothing.

    • nitika

      so cute….. baby shilpa g……..

  • mohit

    abhinav baby is very cute…..

  • rajender singh alwar

    very nice baby

  • Rohit

    Congratulation Shilpa & RAj

  • Rohit Nigam

    Congrats shilpa & Raj know

    your new role is up because u r become a mother

    take care of your child

  • ISHA


  • Manoj Kumar Yadav

    Congratulations, Shilpa & Raj jee know

    your new role is up because u r become a mother

    take care of your child.(very nice & cute baby)

  • vanshika

    very nice baby shilpa ji just like u

  • angel

    shilpa your my fav actress,u r so beautiful miss u

  • Aditi




  • Nita

    Hi Shilpa,

    Your baby has to be cute ….u 3 make an awesome family !
    When ever i see you, get nostalgic with the anthony days…Hope for you too those would have been very fond memories, ofcourse you made it real big in life and would have many more memories to cherish, but childhood nothing to beat !!!