Ship of Theseus trailer: This year’s most significant festival film is a visual treat!

The trailer of the critically acclaimed movie shows great heart and a whole lot of promise

Many films travel from India to international film festivals, yet few garner universal acclaim like the way Ship of Theseus has. Last year as this film directed by Anand Gandhi travelled to some of the most respected film festivals including Toronto International Film Festival and Tokyo International Film Festival, almost every review marked it as a rare and courageous film with a fiercely independent spirit.

Ship of Theseus is made up of three stories – that of a blind photographer, a stock broker involved with a strange but true tale of organ trade, and a philosophical monk. Binding these stories is the centuries old paradox that poses this simple question: Does an object which has had all its components replaced remain fundamentally the same object as before?

Besides the philosophical questions it poses, the movie is a beauty to look at. The spellbinding cinematography contributes to its mystery and grabs you with its stunning, razor sharp visuals.

Check out the breath taking trailer of the film Ship of Theseus. It is being released by Kiran Rao in association with UTV in India, and it hits select screens nationwide on July 9.