Shirish Kunder runs down Shahrukh Khan’s ‘RA.One’

Shirish Kunder runs down Shahrukh Khan’s ‘RA.One’

Farah Khan’s husband takes a dig at the newest superhero in town much to the ire of SRK fans

Bollywood is a strange place and ever since the Twitter mania struck, media has had greater access to more juicy gossip than ever before. Sometimes it is the drunken tweets of celebs or their hate tweets that manage to grab the attention of the avidly watching journos. And that becomes the stuff of major stories, making headlines and often stirring up more strife and controversy than the situation actually warrants. Something like this is happening now, with Mr Farah Khan aka Shirish Kunder. The ace editor who turned director a few years ago started his hate campaign against Shahrukh Khan’s RA.One about ten days ago when he first posted a pic of yesteryears’ villain Jeevan as a G.One exclusive pic. He followed this up with another tweet: “I just heard a 150 Cr firework fizzle.” He added insult after insult by re-tweeting the posts by his followers who were comparing the child actor in RA.One (Armaan Verma) to him. Apparently Kunder is still bitter about the fact that his debut film Jaan-E-Mann tanked because of Shahrukh Khan’s Don, which released at the same time. Or is it because of King Khan’s fallout with his wife Farah Khan after he declined to do her film, Tees Maar Khan, which had been written by Shirish? All of which makes us wonder what the real story behind the rumoured SRK-Farah Khan jhagda is. That apart, wethinks that if the leaked story of Kunder’s forthcoming 3D film Joker is anything to go by, there is no doubt that SRK and his coterie will have the last laugh. And we wait in the wings to find out more and enjoy the new hullabaloo we may have created…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Aamir

    He is employed by SALMAN.

    • AR Mohan

      Well, where is he Mr Shrish hiding now ? after reading the Day 2 collection, perhaps hiding behindhe his wife’s ample size…poor looser. But then what can one expect from a guy who creates bakwas movies like TMK…

  • Arun

    sirish kunder . who is thios fellow . OHHH that idiot of TMK .

    Let him go and see what happened to it . It was the disaster of the millennium . he is frustrated because he married a Lady BULL : FARAH

    • Sami

      hahaha OMG well said Arun..

  • Don

    hhahahahaha… Idiot Shrish wants more and more publicity That’s y targeting SRK hope his Joker do well Otherwise he will commit suicide :D
    It’s ok shirish U cant’s make film like Ra.One in ur whole life :P

  • Demonoid

    Thus summing up all (first day – india + international) – 25 cr
    Bodyguard (first day – india + international) – 23 cr day – india + international) – 32-33 cr (25 +7/8)
    bodyguard (second day – india + international) – 21 cr (19 +2)

    Bodyguards 3rd day collection was 14 cr in india + 2 cr internationally. is expected to collect 20 cr+ in india only on 3rd day.

    so wins in all record expect 1 : india only opening day record : bodyguard 21 cr – 18 cr
    Also is the 1st film to cross 25 cr 1 day mark.
    KING KHAN …screws criminal khan once again

    • tiara

      thank you sooo much for all this info! it’ll hit many in their faces wont it;) LONG LIVE THE KING KHAN

  • Jay

    shirish u and u wife abhi bhi time hai SRK ko sorry bol do u and ur wife both , his heart is so big he will forgive as u knw he the real BAADSHAH or KING of Heart. And concentrate in ur script

  • sneddan gomes

    who the f*** is shirish kunder, the idiot story writer of tmk which was a super flop.He is trying to gain publicity from ra one.

  • zeena

    Shirish looks like a sissy, and has no brain, he is so jealous of Shah Rukh Khan that he can;t see straight, what he needs to do is take a look at himself, and clean his inside out. SRK is so loving and forgiving and he portrays the best in attitude and his heart is so clean that he walks with God or Allah or Baghawan and the love of God shines thru him, he will always rise and shine, lots of his jealous so call friends want to see him fall. But Allah is
    watching over him. He is the Best to most of us and the ones how put him down is those that hates and jealous him.

  • sandy

    Shirish needs a doctor.. he is mentally ill… sorry bro.. take care of your health.

  • safi inayat

    srk is the best and more than 20000000 people like srk he is the father of indian cenima

  • abdul kadi

    Shirish Kunder is menatlly distrub..
    jab koi bulndiyo ko achive karta hain..toh sab dushman ban jate hain…aese hi bollywood ke bhi star…like salman,aamir ,amitbh,akshay,.etc..abhi jalte hain sharukh se…because..he is a kig of bollywood….and again haspoved bollywood king…rk /////
    koi hak…if…apna sar phod lo…

    • SK

      Trying to gain of sour grapes???

  • Haresh