Shirtless Salman has fun with the ‘chaddi’ party gang

Chillar Party may be a small film, but its producer is making sure that it will be seen. By being seen, in all his bare-chested glory!

Ever since comedy king Sanjeev Bhaskar made ‘chaddi’ a legitimate entry in the British English lexicon, much has been said about the male undergarment. But nobody has said it as well as Salman Khan in Chillar Party. The star does not show off his underpants, but does strip off to display his nicely muscled chest, something we expect from him in any movie he is part of. Now, even playing the role of producer, he entices shirtlessly. In the recently seen promos, he has been chatting with the small fry who are the stars of the film, almost guaranteeing that the flick will do decent business, especially since it releases with the high-sex-quotient Murder 2. Even as the kids have an obviously hilarious time being free, easy and vaguely wicked with the biggie star, Salman’s expressions cannot but endear us to him even more. One of the sweetest moments is when the children start a march dressed in their undies, saggy chaddies, little fat tummies, sober-straight faces and all. One tyke, Jhangya, talking most solemnly to a bare-torsoed Sallu, explains why he prefers, in fact, not to wear chaddies at all. Shahrukh does not, Hrithik does not, Aamir – well, they will not speak of Aamir, you know – so why should he. Also, why is Salman asking him personal questions when he does not ask Sallu such questions, he demands to know. And then he comes up with something that, to us, captures the spirit of the big city delightfully. Jhangya explains that since there are tall buildings all around, and there is no fresh air or breeze, he has to make sure he doesn’t wear chaddis so that he gets a little ventilated. Salman listens, deadpan as only Salman can be, but his cannot stay that way and his eyebrows fly up, his eyes go round and bash us on our collective funny bone with unerring aim! If this is what the film is like, we give it one big thumbs up already!