Sholay 3D movie review: Does Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra’s classic need 3D effect?

Sholay 3D movie review

Statutory warning- this review is written by an ardent Sholay fan and hence, is bound to be unreasonably biased towards the cult classic and the way it was! Read on to find out whether the vintage was appreciated after restoration or not…

Utter the words ‘Indian classic movie’ at a public area and somebody will say Sholay in the same minute with child like enthusiasm. Go to anybody who has seen the 1975 blockbuster on 70 mm and ask what they thought of the movie – well, they will probably take a couple of minutes to just relish those grandiose moments and when they are done reliving the film, they will say, ‘Oh! What a great film that was’ in the ‘those were the good ol’ days’ tone.

That’s what Ramesh Sippy’s Sholay is all about. Every character – and I stay adamant at this point – every character has etched a certain picture in our minds that no eraser can rub off. Kudos to the script writers Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar. For all those who don’t own the DVDs and have forgotten about the movie’s charm, let me take you through a brief walk to the world of Sholay and a glimpse of how it looks in 3D…

# The larger than life Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra played Jai and Veeru- the best buddies who can die for each other. The only reason why I introduce them together and not individually, is because it is a cardinal sin to not say Jai and Veeru in the same sentence – one is incomplete without the other and the tale of their friendship is still remembered as the ultimate dosti ki misaal!

The 3D effect: The already larger than life Big B and Dharmendra look even more real and touchable (if you know what I mean). The brownie point goes to the way the coin flip looks and the way bullets fly – right in your face and I swear, you will definitely stretch your hand out to catch the coin!

# The effervescent Hema Malini in the role of innocent Basanti has been the benchmark of a village girl’s character. Her relationship with Dhanno – the horse which pulls her horse cart, the way she dresses, the way she speaks and the classic Yun ki…yeh kaun bola and Chal Dhanno… Aaj teri Basanti ki ijjat ka sawaal hai are only some moments that one can never forget.

The 3D effect: The colours of her dress pop out in a slightly unusual manner and the jungle sequence looks a bit funny in the 3D effect. The brownie point is the way colours fly all over in the Holi ke din sab mil jaate hain song.

# The calm and poised Jaya Bachchan plays Thakur Baldev Singh’s (Sanjeev Kumar) widowed daughter-in-law, Radha . The melancholy of a widow’s life has been put to display in movies before and after Sholay, but none have shown a woman’s agony of losing her lover twice and with such grace.

The 3D effect: The way Radha turns down the light of the lantern slowly, every evening when Jai plays the mouth organ stands out because of the 3D effect. The brownie point is that the slow denial in her action is enhanced because of the changed colour coding and added 3D effect.

# What can one possibly say about Gabbar Singh (Amjad Khan) – one of the most epic villains of Indian cinema who made playing villain, the “in” thing. Rumours were, even a long time after Sholay, when Amjad Khan walked into a place, people – especially kids – would still be terrified of him! Now that’s the way to play a character, right folks!

The 3D effect: Watching Gabbar in a 3D avatar is simply delightful. His wickedness, the swinging of his belt, suddenly shooting Kaaliya, his expressions…everything enhances by leaps and bounds. The brownie point? Well, the brownie point is the over all enhancement of his character. The 3D effect and the colour coding have transformed this character into a small movie in itself.

My verdict: There are places in the movie where the three dimensional effects have added to the grandeur of the film and the movie looks even larger, more elaborate and detailed because of the 3D effect. But just like an old book, whose charm lies in it’s rustic pages and the musty smell of the paper, Sholay does not need technology to bring the best out of it.

In fact, the movie might have looked and fared better if it was released in the original format. Why do I say so, you ask? Well, because I ended up concentrating more on the 3D effects than the movie – needless to say that Ketan Mehta’s company Maya Digital, has done a phenomenal job at turning the movie into 3D format. Clap, clap, clap!

For people who have not seen the movie before, they might just end up missing the movie’s essence, and for people who have seen the movie before, they might end up not liking the new feel to their good old Sholay. So go on BollywoodLifers, watch the movie and choose your pick- the classic Sholay or Sholay 3D

Rating: 2.5 out of 52.5 Star Rating

Reviewed by Kritika Ajmani

* Poor

** Average

*** Good

**** Very good

***** Excellent

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  • siddhartha singh

    Yes it needs 3D effects review is farzi, iconic movies must be released in 3D and converting it in 3D doesn’t affect its credibility.
    I am gonna watch it today only.

  • Raja

    Sholay is a Bullcrap movie all copied from Hollywood Westerns and given some desi Masaala and it’s called the greatest movie ever in Indian Cinema!!!!!
    Shame on Indian cinema to call it Indian movie
    Copycat Salim/Javed should be sued by Hollywood !!! Even the song Mehbooba is a blatant copy of Hollywood song !!
    It just goes to show Indian cinema has no creativity left !!! Without Hollywood they can’t survive !!!

    • A.K. Roy

      You are 100% correct. Actually India is manipulators’ country wherein Amitabh type cheap entertainer designated as entertainer of the decade and so on. Ridiculous

      • bpatty

        dhoom 3 rips off all christopher nolan movies.

      • Kai

        Amitabh cheap! So what about the other modern actors then: Below Cheap Level!
        R u on earth? Tell me which actor in modern era can match him … Not Born Yet … Have to wait for 3 or 4 centuries! So, think before comment, kid!

        • Raja

          What planet u living on?? What has lambu done in all his career that is great ??? Most of his movies were multistarrers !!!
          Apart from a mere handful rest are all Bakwaas !!!
          Naseerudin is far greater actor then lambu will ever be!!!

          • Kai

            Hehehe! So funny! Lol….!Well, Amitabh has so many prestigious awards which do not need to be listed as they are countless my boy, countless!…..Who is the Mega star & star of the millenium? ! A prestigious star is recognized by professional bodies, r u a certified one, or just like talking nonsense, (bakwas)? The public in general,including other stars are fond of Amitabh’s (known as the One-Man-Industry) because his dialogue, personality, charm, and acting style is unique! Begin by watching Coolie, and step by step, you will be inspired unless your cells are not responding! U rtalking about multi-starrer, but can’t u see he has always been dominant. Go on criticizing 1,000,000 times, as we don’t care about bull-shits criticisms with malfunction brain cells! Finally there is an Absolute eccentric so-called analyst, on this forum! we r having fun! Lol…..Lol!

          • Raja

            Lol what a loser u are !!
            Iam having a ball here blasting all your arses!!! Hahahahaha !!
            Amitabh star of the millenium !!!!
            Hahaha more like Biggest Beggar of the millenium !!!
            Lol how he latches onto powerful people to get the accolades and the awards wow he is the master manipulator of the millenium !!!
            Lol watch his movie Coolie ?? V
            Never in a million yrs !!! I don’t need inspiration by watching this crap movie there a so many other great movies I can get inspired from !!
            For me Amitabh is a real life Coolie carrying the bags of powerful people!!!
            Hahaha his fans have the same beggar mentality as the Biggest Beggar of India Mr Amitabh Bachchan ! !!!! Hahahahaha

          • Kai

            Oh…..! Pity you! Confirmed now! U come from an asylum!
            We understand your problem! There are many good treatments available … hurry up! Otherwise, u would say, India is full of beggars! Pray u get treatment fast!

          • Raja

            Lol obviously u are blind or delusional !!! India not full of beggars!!! Hahaha joke of the millenium !!! So typical of Indians that we choose to ignore the fact that our countrys poverty is so shocking compared to other countries !!!!
            But grossly deluded imbeciles like u choose to ignore this fact that bites your arse daily !!!
            Grow up idiot and smell the coffee that India nor Indian cinema and Amitabh Bachchan will ever reach the heights of other countries !!!!
            At best Amitabh can be a Coolie for the likes of Brad Pitt Russel Crowe Robert De Niro Tom Hanks etc!!!
            Hahahahaha !!!

          • Vaibhav Thapliyal

            Yeah, he is in terrible state of mind… I too agree he is paranoid and needs immediate medical attention!!! Plus he is living in his own world where he believes that providing fact-less arguments and just reiterating them, makes him the boss of internet!!!

            And if you go through this whole conversation and read his comments, his problem is not only with Sholay,his problem is also with Amitabhji’s actng ability (this sucker should watch “black”) and with India in general.

            My advice to you kai is that we should leave alone this severely low IQed specimen of the human kind and go back to our own works. Even a second wasted on people like him is criminal.

            It doesn’t matter what Low end scum like him think of great cinema.

            Have a great time!!!

          • Kai

            Hahaha! Well, you are absolutely right!

          • Raja

            You too bend over and I will also pump your arse and u will forget Sholay !!

          • Raja

            Yes mardharchod Iam the dada of this forum !!!!
            Now bend over and I will pump your sorry arse !! Lol !

          • Raja

            Mardharchod Black was an all out Rani movie !
            The hijaara Amitabh gets all the glory because he sucks the right people’s balls !!!

      • sultan

        A.K..Roy and Raja are proper time waster,cannot even think before they write..Amitabh has been most consistant superstar ever…go and waste your time somewhere else.

        Raja ,sholay was a master piece from ramesh sippy,so what if it is copied,atleast its hollywood copy as srk films are copied from mighty amitabhs film ..dumbo

        • Raja

          Idiot SRK blasted ABs arse of Bollywood screens with DDLJ !!
          SRK is far bigger star than lambu will ever be !!!
          Amir khan blew lambu off with 3 idiots and now Dhoom 3 !!!!
          Lambus movies always bomb at box office !!! Lol get a life lambu is a dying horse still flogging himself !!!

    • bpatty

      have you seen dhoom 3? it rips off Batman, Prestige, Mission Impossible and all of hollywood! are you complaining about dhoom 3? it is the most popular movie right now and it rips of all recent hollywood movies! bollywood is not original at all. if you are attacking sholay, please do attack all of bollywood!

    • bpatty

      dhoom 3 rips off all of christopher nolan the great hollywood director. dhoom is bullcrap copying only from hollywood movies like Batman, The Prestige and many others. even shooting scenes in same streets of christopher nolan’s batman. dhoom 3 is bullcrap.

    • disqus_GcCUYt81Gw

      Film is for entertainment…not for research….understand raja….dont compare bollywood with Hollywood…..india is best

      • Raja

        Only an ignorant would say India is best!!!
        Just by saying India is best doesn’t make it one !! In what way may I ask India is best then America ???
        Dream on mate it will probably take a million yrs for India to touch the heights of America !!!
        Get out of your hole and smell the coffee!!! India is nowhere most countries in the world in terms of prosperity and standard of living for all residents !!!

  • Kai

    Best movie ever made in India, the pride of bollywood can be watched unlimited timesi! Those criticizing should content themselves only in cartoon movies!

    • Raja

      How can you call it pride of India when the whole movie is a copy of Hollywood Western??? Scene by scene were copied from several Hollywood Western movies and now u are calling it the best movie made in India !!!
      Only an idiot like u with no knowledge of global cinema would call Sholay the pride of India !!
      Bollywood should hang its head in shame that a copy and paste movie is being paraded as the greatest movie ever made in India !!!!

      • bpatty

        dhoom 3 rips off all of christopher nolan movies. are you complaining about that?

        • Raja

          We are talking about Sholay here that has been paraded as the greatest movie ever made in India !!!
          It’s a blatant copy of Hollywood Western that’s my point !!!
          I don’t care about Dhoom 3 or many other movies that are copied from Hollywood !!! I have issue with why Sholay is called the greatest indian movie made in Bollywood when clearly it’s not original !!!

      • Kai

        you call copy or not, all best characters in a perfectly bollywood’s best movie ever made! Like it or not, it’s a fact! Swallow it!

        • Raja

          Why don’t u swallow the fact that Sholay is a bullcrap remake of Hollywood Western !!!!
          Lol it’s so funny when u say Sholay is perfectly bollywoods best movie !!!
          Hahaha is that all bollywood can dish out ??? Copy and paste from Hollywood !!! Lol even an idiot can do that !! Please swallow your own bullcrap !!!! Lol !!!

          • Vaibhav Thapliyal

            Well, why don’t you try to make a movie yourself (even if it’s copied), because if you can’t, in your own words you are worse than an idiot and you should swallow your own bullcrap.

            But in my words, you are that person that only knows to criticize negatively. So what if sholay was copied, the fact is it is brilliantly shot, has magnificent performances from even the actors that played really small parts (veeru khote who played “Kaalia” has about 7 minutes of screen time and he immortalised “kaalia”), and is brilliantly directed (the scene “Kitney aadmi the” took about 41 takes to be finalized).

            And Sucker check this fact out:

            The Movie “the departed” (which went on to win the Oscar for the best movie was also a remake or “copy” of the Hong Kong movie “Internal Affairs”.

            I can also name a few more hollywood movies that are remakes but this is the most mainstream one.

            Now Before you open your mouth about Sholay, I would like to hear your opinion about on the movie “the departed” and how bad it is just because it is “copied”.

            Waiting for your reply!!

          • Raja

            How stupid are u ???
            When did I say Hollywood never copies movies from other countries???
            Idiot at least they NEVER parade their copied movies as the best ever made in Hollywood !!!
            Bollywood has no shame to flaunt a copied movie Sholay as their own !!!!
            Guess they don’t have the balls to make any decent movie on their own !!!
            Now sucker u take that !!!!

          • Vaibhav Thapliyal

            Your pea sized brain is perhaps not capable of doing any kind of analysis, so I’ll break it down for you.

            1. Hollywood remade a movie (the departed), hence the story wasn’t original.

            Now take a two minute break to get this into your mind.

            2. The departed won 4 Oscar awards in total, including the one for best director and best picture, hence it was “PARADED” as one of the greatest Hollywood movies (which is completely justified) and is at #46 on IMDB’s list of top 250 greatest movies. FYI the list is decided by the people so even the people “PARADE” it as the one of the greatest. On the other hand Sholay was nominated for 9 filmfare awards (our Indian counterparts for the Oscars) and just won one for the best editing. Hence atleast if you take the number of awards as the benchmark, bollywood never “paraded” it as the best movie ever. It is the people who parade it as one of the best in bollywood.

            Also the British Broadcasting Channel “PARADED” it as “the film of the millennium, so its not that it only bollywood who is “PARADING” sholay as one of the greatest in bollywood.

            Now take a fifteen minutes break to digest all this.

            3. Also you say bollywod doesn’t have the balls to produce a good movie on their own. This statement really invalidates all your arguments as your knowledge of bollywood is almost negligible.

            I mean, what about mughal-e-azam, Guide, Deewar, DDLJ, Taare Zameen Par, Swades, Barfi.

            My God, you talk about Global Cinema when you aren’t even familiar with the cinema of your own country.

            I mean seriously dude, do all of us a favour and to yourself too: Don’t poke fun at yourself by reiterating your point again and again!! It won’t change the fact that sholay is still one of the best bollywood movies ever made eventhough it is copied.

            And stop going gaga over hollywood, just to look all intellectual and knowledgeable on the internet, when all you manage to look is like a complete jackass!!!

          • Raja

            Jackass u tell me now why Sholay 3D is getting a battering at box office by Dhoom 3 ???
            Surely there are many who believe the same as I do it’s a pathetic movie!!!!
            Maybe ok for 1973 but no one cares about it now !!! There are far better movies from all over the world to watch !!!
            I have said before movies like Guide Mughal e Azam DDLJ 3 idiots Barfi kahaani are great original movies but and deserve to be called great movies of indian cinema !!
            But gems like these are not often made !!! It’s easy to copy from other movies which I believe is an easy way out !!!

          • Vaibhav Thapliyal

            Your brain is beyond repair!!!

            Someone else take it from here.

            Replying to you is starting to hurt my own brain.

            It must be really hard being you.

            BLESS YOU!!

          • Raja

            Lol u couldn’t answer why Sholay 3D is getting a whipping at box office by Dhoom 3 could u !!!!
            Well let me spell it out for u !!
            Because Sholay is a shit movie !!!
            FYI I don’t think u have a brain to comprehend what Iam saying but surely there many others who have voted with their feet and given this hideous movie the flick !!!
            Bye u pathetic creature !!!

          • Vaibhav Thapliyal

            I didn’t answer your question on Dhoom 3 and sholay 3D because any person with a even an average IQ would know the answer and I don’t cater to low IQ level people like you.

            This would be my last reply on this board to you (you see, we all live a busy life, unlike you) but yes you can go on and on.

            Type in more of your illogical crap. Maybe this will make you vent out your frustration about the sad life you live.

            Also, as a free advice, try to sound more logical in life and go and watch some good cinema. Maybe then you will start to recognize and distinguish good movies.

          • Raja

            Lol I live a fantastic life not like u losers !!!
            What has IQ got to do with the success of Dhoom3 ????
            Same could be said for Sholay when it was released in 1975 that those people who made it such a success had low IQ !!
            If u compare Dhoom3 and Sholay both movies lack substance !!
            Yet are huge hits !!!
            FYI Sholay is not good cinema u need a reality check !!
            A violent movie is good cinema ???
            Grow up dipstick !!!

      • Amjad Khan

        Raja, “the magnificent seven” classic hollywood movie was a copy of a japense movie. Does that make it any less a classic? It really does not matter what you think, Sholay is the greatest milestone in indian movie history, no movie has had this much an impact. You talk of creativity, why dont you get off the keyboard and make a movie and show how it is done instead of criticizing on here. Movies are for entertainment, and sholay has entertained generations of indians and will continue to entertain! People like you are losers who have nothing better to do than criticize.

        • Raja

          Firstly having a name like Amjad Khan doesn’t make u Gabbar Singh !!!
          At least Hollywood is not calling ‘magnificent seven ‘ the greatest movie ever made in Hollywood !!!
          At least they have the decency to acknowledge the fact that it was a copy of a Japanese movie !!!
          Unlike Bollywood who shamelessly parades a copycat movie as their own !!! So typical of Indians chor Saale !!!!

  • A.K. Roy

    First of all I would like to say the title of the article should be Sanjeev Kumar and Amjad Khan’s Sholay. Dharam and Amitabh were just two side flicks in the film and the Central Characters were Sanjeev-Amjad duo. Secondly it was just a media hype and due to poor audiences of India who do not watch Hollywood movies in mass. Otherwise Sholay was just an ordinary action film based on Police-Daku theme. It was a classic any more.


  • A.K. Roy

    Sorry, my last sentence should be read as it was not a classic any more.


    • PRaja

      Raja, hope you get some rest and treat yourself buddy. Forget who copied whom; health is more important than any other thing in life. You kind of got little off from normal thinking.

      Have you ever researched may be even you are copying all our thoughts from some western country. The way you are obsessed with Hollywood , you should not even talk about Bollywood.

      Help yourself and hope you have some piece of mind. Else entertain us by expressing your thoughts.

      … Your wellwisher. :)

  • rani

    comment of raja is jalsee about sholays masterstroke raja[gadha] kya janne bhaja kya cheez hoti hai.afterall sholay is THE SHOLAY realiy GREAT movie

    • Raja

      Rani gadhi what do u know about good original movies ??? Idiots like u enjoy Hollywood remakes !! Sholay a great movie !!!!
      Lol biggest joke of the millenium !!! Only beggars like u love shit movies like Sholay !!!
      Intelligent people have no time for Bakwaas that is Sholay !!!!

  • rani

    raja? sorry real beggers of mind.raja?, SHOLAY wins the best movie of millinium. SHOLAY honoured by B.B.C. that movie of millinium in 1999 also win top film all time from british film institute in 2006 in islamic republic of iran survey peoples voted best movie ever made. raja? [beggerya] jara soch aur soch ke bol

    • Vaibhav Thapliyal

      Your facts and figures wont have any effect on his(Raja) pea sized brain!!!

      His only motive is to bad mouth sholay.

      • Raja

        Looks like the truth is bitten your arse badly !!! Lol !!

        • Vaibhav Thapliyal

          I wish the truth could be shoved up your arse!!

          And you laugh at your own jokes!!! Wow!!

          • Raja

            Jokes on you loser because Sholays arse is being pelted at box office by Dhoom 3!!!
            Now you can roll the reels of Sholay and shove it up your arse and put a stopper at the end !!!Never to be released again !!! Lol Iam having a blast how u losers are being ridiculed!’
            Hahahahaha !!!
            Wow this is fantastic !!

          • Vaibhav Thapliyal

            Your instructions weren’t clear…

            My penis got stuck in your mom’s cunt!!!

          • Raja

            Lol wow u must be sexually deprived to want to have sex with my mum!!!
            Can’t u attract young sexy women or u are soooo fucking ugly and your dicks extremely tiny ???
            Go fuck yourself dick head !! Lol !!!

          • Raja

            Are u sure it wasn’t your own mums cunt your tiny dick was stuck it ????
            With your mentality IMO that’s more like it because my mum would castrate u before she would let a dog like u near her !!!!

    • sultan

      rani, raja is only 11 years old,he has no clue what sholay achived in 1975 when it was released.,it was huge sucess and raja is jealous of that…bollywood inspired hollywood…

      • Raja

        Obviously u have no clue !!!
        Hollywood inspired by Bollywood ???
        What slum are u living in ???

    • Raja

      Movie of the millenium ???
      More like Sholay the biggest joke of the millenium !!! Lol !!!

      • PRaja

        Hello Raja, hope you get some rest and treat yourself buddy. Forget who copied whom; health is more important than any other thing in life. You kind of got little off from normal thinking.
        Have you ever researched may be even you are copying all our thoughts from some western country. The way you are obsessed with Hollywood , you should not even talk about Bollywood.
        Help yourself and hope you have some piece of mind. Else entertain us by expressing your thoughts.
        … Your wellwisher. :)

        • Raja

          Lol thank u for your well wishes but Iam perfectly fine !!
          Iam just trying to knock some sense into some who are so obsessed with this stupidity called Sholay !!!

          Well I need not have worried because the box office results has spoken and given Sholay the boot !!!
          This hideous movie should have been buried in 1975!!!

          FYI Iam not obsessed with Hollywood I just drew some comparisons with Bollywood !!

          As always truth is a hard pill to swallow for some on this forum but it needs to be told as I just did !
          Good day mate !!

          • PRaja

            you summarised it correctly dear

            ‘As always truth is a hard pill to swallow for some on this forum’ and even you are a part of this forum. :)

            For few the truth is it is copied and for some truth is it is the BIGGEST BLOCKBUSTER, BEST Movie ever made in Indian Cinema.

            Everyone has their freedom of expression and their version of truth. Express your and enjoy reading people views, debating will not help gain anything here.

            Have a good rest of the day.

          • Raja

            Excerpt from Amitabhs blog couple of days ago !!

            Many though, derogatorily, talk of plagiarism, of copying or borrowing ideas and thoughts from another to decorate their own. Whereas one cannot ignore or deny this fact, there is too that feel of injustice in the region, of a loss in originality. Agree …

            There I have proven my point !!
            Iam sure Mr Amitabh Bachchan has a guilty conscience to post this on his blog !!!

  • Megha Sharma

    all i wanna see is how mehbooba mehbooba song comes out in 3d.

  • rani

    thanks a lot mr.vaibhav and sultan

  • Alay

    Best entertaining movie ever by Indian Cinema – SHOLAY