Shonali Nagrani receives abduction threat over unpaid phone bills

The VJ was threatened by two men who claimed to be the telecom operator’s lawyers

VJ Shonali Nagrani filed a complaint against two men at the Bandra police station. The two allegedly threatened Shonali to get her abducted or arrested if she failed to pay Rs 3,970 to the telecom company.

The first called who introduced himself as Tarun Chaudhary who practiced law in Delhi’s Hazari court. Tarun told the 31 year-old VJ that a criminal case has been filed against her at the Hazari court. Chaudhary asked her to pay the service provider Rs 3,970 within an hour to avoid the court case. He also claimed that if she failed to do so, it could lead to a fine of Rs 2.5 lakh.

Following this, Nagrani consulted lawyer friend who told her that no one can file a suit against her without a notice. Shonali had stopped using the services rendered by the telecom company for a year now and had no pending payments.

After this, Chaudhary called her again on Saturday and asked if the payment was settled. Talking to a leading daily, the VJ said, “When I questioned him why he had not sent me a legal notice, he claimed that cops would be on my doorstep at any moment. He called my friend an idiot, and then threatened to get me kidnapped.” After this call Shonali filed a case at the Bandra police station.

Around 5pm on Saturday, she received a call from another man, who said he would get an arrest warrant issued against her if she didn’t pay up.”My husband later contacted the service provider, and complained about the calls. Its officials claimed that rival companies were behind the calls in a bid to defame it,” she added. “They also said that they had asked their payment recovery agencies not to call me.”