Should Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao co-star in a film?

Seeing their chemistry in real life, wethinks they should! Tell us what you think…

Whenever we meet Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao, we go, ‘Ooh! They are so made for each other!’ Their chemistry is obvious and very likable. Their interaction – whether with their guests or the media – is very comforting. But what’s important is, they are superbly comfortable with each other. When you see A and K – as they address each other – together, it seems so natural and un-starry. There is no fakeness to it, no act, no clichéd expressions – something which a certain B-town actor couple that we will not name from a high-profile family lacks. Aamir and Kiran have something in common that binds them stronger than any adhesive. It’s their passion for cinema, which overflows when you talk to them about their films. Not only do they know what they are talking about collectively, but they can also read each other’s minds and suggest the exact word when one of them can’t find one. And like we had read while skimming through Verve magazine on an airplane, Kiran thinks her husband and she connect on a more intrinsic level and often their ideas match. She also loves the fact that he makes her laugh so much. After tasting success as a writer-director in Dhobi Ghat, Kiran has also won praise from hubby Aamir for her acting talent. “Kiran is a better actor than me,” Aamir said at the DVD launch of his wife’s film. So much so that the proud husband wants wifey to act opposite him, so that he can fall in love with her all over again onscreen! But of course, like every couple, A and K and have li’l tiffs, too – but not on an “intrinsic” level we guess. Wethinks the little disagreements only make them grow fonder of each other. Aamir ‘shuts down’ when he is angry, but Kiran makes up with him most of the time. After his divorce from his first wife Reena, Aamir went through a little depression, but marriage to Kiran sure makes him look calmer and more focussed than ever. We like. And we’re glad that now there’s baby Azad to fit in somewhere between mommy’s and daddy’s love, fighting for an equal share from both!


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