Should Kamaal R Khan be arrested for harassing Sunny Leone and Alia Bhatt?

Now we all know that KRK is crass personified, but in our opinion he might have just overstepped a border!

If you’re wondering why do we waste our energy writing about Kamaal R Khan, we are just here to bring to your attention, the new heights (or lows) this man has stooped to.

KRK tweeted to Sunny Leone this morning asking when her next porn film was releasing. Now we know that she has been an adult film star and is not ashamed of it. Well, kudos to that girl! But we ask, is that a reason to be ludicrously commenting about a woman’s dignity? If you think we are over reacting, read the tweets yourself:

Sunny Leone: “Performing in Jaipur today around 3pm to Baby Doll at Pink square mall @RaginiMMS_2 come and hang out with me!!”

KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan: “Only hangout madam? Why not more than tat? @SunnyLeone @tanuj_garg @RaginiMMS_2”

KRK ‏@kamaalrkhan: “Madam Ji @SunnyLeone can you pls tell me which is your new porn film releasing n when? Ppl are really waiting anxiously.”

If you are not disgusted enough with KRK you should read some of his tweets that he has written about some other leading ladies of Bollywood:

KRK on Nargis Fakhri

“Congrts to Bro @udaychopra to have really good n SHAREEF girlfriend @NargisFakhri who has already done threesome foursome n all.”

KRK on Alia Bhatt

Cute @aliaa08 has proved in #2States tat she is 100% ready for Mahesh Bhatt’s #Jism3 I will watch first day first show guaranteed.” and “Lucky Arjun Pari n Sasa ke Baad Alia ke lips Choos raha hai yahan par. 2States – Yar maje hain aapke.”

PS: Apparently, there were some tweets about him wanting to kiss Alia Bhat which were deleted as soon as media reported about it. KRK had claimed that they were posted by his fake accounts. (read: Will Kamaal R Khan be kicked out of a Bhatt project for his dirty talk about Alia Bhatt?)

KRK on Zarine Khan

Zarin Khan- Directors are not giving me films coz they think tat m look a like of Katrina. No madam actually they think tat U are a PAHALWAN”

KRK on Sonam Kapoor

“By God @sonamakapoor ji ke tattoo ki jagah Kamaal hai. Insaan ek baar dekhle tho humesha k liye dil baag baag ho jaaye.” and “Till today I was thinking tat @sonamakapoor is 20/21 years old but she is 28 means after 2 years buddhi yani finish over. Mubarak ho ji.”

Well, we could only find these and yes, if you don’t find some of these tweets, they may have been deleted. Although, we do have proof that they existed. Moving on, we seriously think that KRK needs to put a leash to his wagging tongue. Poking fun at someone is a different story altogether, but this does not seem like well intended humour. All we can say is that if these ladies can’t seem to find a way to get back at him, we sure will provide some innovative ideas which will teach him how to respect girls.

Till then, do vote and comment and tell us what you think of Kamal R Khan.