Should Katrina Kaif be worried?

Should Katrina Kaif be worried?
Yogen Shah

Looks like 2014 isn’t lucky for Kat coz this year the Dhoom:3 babe may not have any releases. After Bang Bang, we hear Phantom has also been postponed but why? Read on to know

Katrina Kaif fans may have to wait till next year to see her sizzle onscreen. Her film Phantom co-starring Saif Ali Khan was supposed to hit the theatres on October 2 this year alongside Priyanka Chopra’s much talked-about Mary Kom biopic. However, Kabir Khan’s directorial venture which has KK and Saifu in lead will now release in February next year. The talented filmmaker will be heading to Canada along with his lead pair for a long shooting schedule and that’s the reason why the release date has been changed. Well, that’s what the reports claim. Maybe Kabir Khan didn’t want his film to clash with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s biopic and hence pushed back the release of Phantom. Possible, hai na? Well, whatever the reason, we are sure Ranbir Kapoor’s alleged ladylove wouldn’t be happy. After all, this isn’t her first film which has been delayed.

Earlier, we had told how Kat’s Bang Bang with Hrithik Roshan too was slated to hit the screens on October 2. But the action thriller is far from being complete which means the makers would have a tough time to stick to the deadline. In that case, this year Katrina Kaif won’t entertain the masses. Sad na?

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  • Iman Ali

    She has three other films bang bang the biggest film of the year, jagga jassos which will also go super hit, and fitoor a very new idea n flavor. So dont worry katrina, bang bang is set to release on oct 2, filmmakers confirmed their dates after news come from mary kom production house . Priyanka chopra has no star power, n sanjay bhansali worst director ever, so go ahead prove yourself you are not lungi lufangi girl who need khan to deliver chinaee bkwass expresss. Deepika would be flop heroine of this year, it seems that no one is giving attention to her films kochaddiyan, inding fanny, n super big flop HNy and she is going to create tamasha of her with ranbir while delivering another flop.

    • Mia

      Lol gud one..exactly my thoughts :-)

    • yazz

      Get real hater jerk as priyanka has the higher star power in presence of hits like fashion barfi aitraaz n even 7 khoon maaf took a great opening besides it being an average movie while mary kom gonna prove the fact more n she is the qween of bollywood while i dont find katrina half talented as priyanka so sorry for u iman hater pig

    • EE

      Loser :D

    • naina

      i have the same feeling… kat the best

  • zain

    No m not at all sad dat v can’t c any Kat film dis year….infact for me its a very good news….coz all her movies bang bang jagga jasoos phantom seems super boring ….don’t understand y directors cast her as a heroine…..I think she is jus a item gal material….

    • Nita

      exactly.. just an item girl..

    • green

      Bang bang one movie is enough , u have other option too on oct 2nd marry com n haider . U can watch those super boring non dancing movies. We will watch super exciting , best dancers of bollywood dance numbers and movie

  • yazz

    priyanka is the best actress dancer diva qwween of bollywood while katrina is awesome in dancing n looking good but she has a long journey to prove her best foot in acting plz do the necessary things to higher up your acting skills katrina or iman do help her

  • Shabi

    Is it really a bad news….rather I m pretty happy wid dis

    • nidhi

      Same here..:)

    • ravi

      Its bad news for me :( .. I am sad . I will have to see rubbish movies of deepika. God save us .

  • Me

    It’s sad. But no prob. No release this year means= 4 blockbusters next year. 2015 will be the year of Katrina.

    • Zana

      Ohhh please how could u talk that about katrina she is not just an item girl when u know every year katrina show herself in a Blockbuster or Super Hit movie so how could she just be an item girl i am not worried about that she has a Lot of work to done and she is one of the best actresses in bollywood and u will See pryanka will Flop in the Box office and of course deepika also u should say to them item girls

  • EE

    Thank god , don’t have to see that blank expression until next year

    • Me

      Who is forcing u to see her expressions? Her fans are enough to go and watch her films. Y r u even wasting your time here commenting on her expressions?

      • EE

        Ya , you fans dont see her face or acting , probably busy looking at some other parts of her

        • Me

          Well yeah we see her beautiful face, her cute smile, her lovely hair, her decent not so loud expressions, her toned body, her dance and everything she has to offer. And unlike u I don’t waste my time looking at deepika’s cunning face neither I comment on her articles. I simply don’t have time for her.

          • EE

            Ya , keep looking at the bimbo’s attributes , acting and emoting are beyond your pea sized brain

          • Me

            Haha OK BTW oversized brain is a disease also called deepika. Be careful it might make your head explode.

  • Nida Mirza

    kat rocks always and it wl happen everytime when she wl cm onscreen it is obvious no reason to be upset we luv her and wl praise hr always for wht she does


    Katrina Is The Best .. Priyanka Chopra Is Highly Inconsistent Actress .. It Is Been Seen In Her Super Flop Zanjeer .. Even With A Hit Song Named ‘Pinky’ She Failed To Attract Audiences To Theatre .. Whereas Tees Maar Khan Also Got Bad Reviews But Still Was A Blockbuster At Box Office Only Because Of Katrina Kaif’s Song Named ‘Sheela’ .. This Proves That Katrina Has Huge Fan Following And Stardom Than Priyanka Chopra .. Note It Priyanka’s Lovers And Katrina’s Haters ..

  • hemant

    If katrinas phantom gets postponed for next year that means , katrina will have 4 blockbusters next year. 2015 will be her year. In phantom she has naturally beautiful normal girl avtar , playing a war journalist , in jagga jasoos a quarky reporter and in fitoor a heartless women . It would be very interesting , her doing so diverse roles . Bang bang is relesing this year . Only abudabi schedule is remaining.

  • reyhaan kapoor

    Haters – what the fuck are you doing here? Mind your own businessz. Oh wait your business is katrina kaif …..haha katrina kaif is the best man go geta life now shes so pretty deepika can smell my fucking foot shes that ugly without makeup ( ive seen her ) and priyanka is just good at acting not for looks …..katrina kaif is the prettiest maybe not best at acting but looks wise <3

    • sanaya

      true… kat’s actually the prettiest of all

    • jamine.shah

      Katrina kaif is beautiful and best actores best acting Katrina looks very osoms

      • jamine.shah

        Don’t worry Katrina kaif and best of luck for future

  • reyhaan kapoor

    Katrina kaif rejected to do yjhd, chennai express, kochadaiyaan happy new year and ramleela deepika was nothing if katrina didnt rejectttt …..deepika sucks katrina kaif rocks

    • EE

      Bakwaas , Katrina’s PR spread this false news that these films were offered to her and she rejected , trying to control damage after DP’s success . Only YJHD was offered to her which she rejected, other films she was never offered . Katrina as a south indian and gujrati???? Get real

      • najatlovekiss

        I think you should get real, and be honest with What you say,

    • fiona

      exactly…. i have the same feeling

  • d

    bang bang will release on 2nd oct without a doubt

  • Dalia

    Everybody seems to be very worried about her…especially media. But she is unpertrubed.

    If statistically seen; any news that has Katrina’s name involved gets a lot of publicity..and thats the reason a lot of people from the industry as well as media are just pulling her name randomly everywhere.

    Katrina is cool and maintaining a dignified silence; she need not to get pertrubrd nor she need to stoop down for clarifying endless rumours coming in the media.

  • naina

    sad wont be able to see that cute face but happy that wont have to bear her hindi nd acting

  • sana

    so what that she wont be seen this year…. 2015 will be katrina’s. 4 blockbuster films nd hope that until than she developes her acting skills

  • najatlovekiss

    Nobody care what you guys say and write about Katrina, the star power that Katrina has nobody at her age has it,, if nobody is coming to your website then you Katrina name on your website,let her be

  • nancy

    She should be as she is now busy romancing ranbir rather than focussing on her career. Deepika usko peeche chodkar aage nikal gayi

  • milan227

    BL, you are like Chicken Little. Everytime something happens to Katrina, you guys run around screaming “The sky is falling, Katrina is losing her films, her fans, her bf, her mind….” Remember D3? Last year’s super duper hit? Try… really.

    • EE

      She was there for 5 to 10 minutes? Blink and miss role . D3 was aamir’s show

  • rituparna

    talentless opportunistic person using everyone to get what she wants…..truth can be bitter

  • Madan Madhu

    Hmm Yaa Katrina Kaif Not A Single Movie This Year
    Hrithik Roshan Also Not Seen This Year
    Too Sad