Should Pratyusha Banerjee change her profession?

The popular actor was supposed to do a cameo in Love Dosti Dua, which is aired on Big Magic, but she ditched at the last moment

We had earlier reported that Pratyusha Banerjee ditched the producers of Love Dosti Dua, claiming that she was sick and hospitalised. Her unprofessional behaviour apparently cost the producers a lot of money and they were forced to approach another actor to fill in at the last minute.

Now we agree one cannot predict these things and if you are hospitalised, there is no way you can make it to work that too for 12-14 hours at a stretch. But you also have to understand that in such a situation, a producer has to think about his show, no? The actor was apparently miffed with the media for calling her unprofessional and not putting her side of the story. In our defense, when an actor refuses to talk to the media, we are forced to print whatever information we have, no?

Moving on, Pratz says that she has medical reports to prove that she was genuinely ill and not faking it. We believe you! However, we are forced to introspect as to why did the actor take up projects in the first place when her health is such big an issue.

Like it or not – television shows demands a lot of time and energy – especially if you are playing the lead. Pratz knows the demands of television soaps and hence, should just pick roles that are less stressful, at least we think so!

There are several actors who have other priorities and several commitments, but still give their 100 percent to a show they have made a committed to. If a daily soap is too much to handle, then we suggest the actor should take on weekend shows like Shweta Tiwari and Manish Paul.

Giving the actor the benefit of doubt, we genuinely wish her well and hope she comes back to the small screen with a bang.