Should Ranbir Kapoor get a tattoo of his lover’s name?

RK should refrain from doing anything like that, ‘coz the young actor’s relationships are as short-lived as Kamaal R Khan’s Bollywood career!

And guess what! The Kapoor kid agrees with us. He said in a recent interview that considering the number of times he has been linked up with various women, he should ideally be carrying a pen with him and keep changing his tattoo, rather than getting a permanent one imprinted into his skin. Although we couldn’t agree more with the Barfi! dude, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of falling in true love some day. Well, Ranbir, we don’t intend to demolish the castles you have been building in the air, but we really think that for falling in true love you need to do away with your incorrigible ‘cheating’ habit that your lady friends have been taking digs at. And the only constant in your life, where lovely ladies that you adore comes into consideration, is Neetu Singh Kapoor, with you being your mamma’s big boy, no? Yes, that’s how RK recently took a dig at PC’s ‘daddy’s li’l girl’ tattoo – by writing ‘mamma’s big boy’ on his hand with a pen.

So while the Kapoor kid looks around for the love of his life, we hope he gets smitten by someone ASAP. And then he can follow in brother-in-law’s Saif’s footsteps and get his sweetheart’s name engraved on his forearm. We promise we won’t make fun of it…or him, bwahaha (evil laugh)…