Should Richa Chadda and Parineeti Chopra have taken off that bra?

Should Richa Chadda and Parineeti Chopra have taken off that bra?
Yogen Shah

We spotted these two babes displaying their hot backs in stylishly revealing outfits. But did they really need to wear a bra underneath?

Richa Chadda was seen at her stylish best in waxed pants and a red top with a super sexy back. But we felt the babe ruined the charm of the creation by wearing a black bra inside. That thing peeping out from behind is spoiling the cool pattern of the back. And we also feel that our Gangs of Wasseypur chick needs to shed some of those kilos before being able to do some serious style justice to the super-tight leg hugging pants. And suddenly that waxed statement conjures up images of Priyanka Chopra, who has worn these kinda shiny pants on numerous occasions.

And when we talk about PC, how could choti behen Parineeti Chopra lag behind! Pari was the victim of the same faux pas as Richa Chadda. She was seen getting all feminine in a pretty lehenga choli. And just when we were staring to love the delicious transparent back, our eyes were dragged to the bra straps – totally jarring with the pretty netted back design. Pari and Richa, care to get a tad adventurous the next time around and leave that bra to languish in your closet…?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Rani

    Really, do u really mean what the title of ur story says? Remove their Bra means what????? I hope the intention of the title was to say wouldn’t it be better if they wore strapless bra but ur title scream out loud in such a manner that its important u correct the statement if u intended to say what i hoped for.

    • Samantha

      What remove their bra. Disgusting. How could you even suggest that. There’s something called modesty.

      • heart.leaf@yahoo

        hello smantha add me ur frend @ fb

    • mrinal

      hey hello rani…the intention of the writer is very clear…its ur dumb brains if you don’t understand. And what the big deal would it be if she removed her b%#…..its k to show some skin….grow up…

  • Sarah

    “shed a few kilos” honestly, what a rude and freaking judgmental thing to say! I’d like to see what the writer of this article looks like and whether he/she needs to lose a few kilos (or even look half as pretty) as Richa Chaddha.

    • Ayazfayyaz


  • Ayazfayyaz

    Hello frds.
    How are name is Ayaz plz add me?

    • Ganesh khare

      How r uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Ganesh khare

    I like it

  • anandita

    Iam scared that if anyone will say take out that bra so from bra they will take out threre dress than bra Iam scared but I have an idea.if there is an changing room or something like this so they can do it.