Should Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan confess to being 40-plus, like Shahrukh Khan does?

The King Khan discloses his real age….well, almost….onscreen in the promo of Chennai Express. So will his peers – frenemies? – in B-town follow his example? 

In the Chennai Express trailer, the moment Shahrukh Khan told us his age, we leaped out of our seats in utter astonishment. He called himself a 40-year-old in the film – which may not be very close to 47, his real age, but it is way better than his claiming to an energetic boy of 25! While SRK has done roles that suit his chronological age (case in point: Main Hoon Naa, Chak De! India, et al), there are also films in which he has tried to step into the shoes of a twenty-something (remember Jab Tak Hai Jaan ?) and made an absolute fool of himself. The wrinkles of experience didn’t exactly complement his youthful hippety-hoppety behaviour in that film and Anushka Sharma, who is genuinely 25, and Katrina Kaif, who is 29, were studies in great contrast.

But there’s no dearth of actors who take great pride in looking young, display a smug look and believe that they will pass muster even as a 20–year-old lad. Let’s see who falls into this complacent category…