Should Shahrukh Khan be punished for smoking in public?

Should Shahrukh Khan be punished for smoking in public?

The superstar’s vice has got him into trouble once again

During the Indian Premiere League’s match held on Sunday at Sawai Man Singh stadium in Jaipur, Shahrukh Khan fluttered some dovecotes in the Pink City. Anand Singh Rathore, director of Jaipur Cricket Academy, has filed a complaint against the stadium authorities for letting the badshah of Bollywood openly smoke in the audience box of the stadium.

The cricket head’s grievance is that common people aren’t allowed something as basic as a bottle of water inside the stadium, but the superstar was allowed to carry his pack of cigarettes and even smoke it.

This isn’t the first time that SRK’s vice has irked anti-smokers. Remember when he was chosen the ‘Best living role model’ by the youth of India in a nationwide poll, a section of the society was annoyed as they felt SRK didn’t deserve the honour because he has one of the worst habits – smoking? While we do think that smoking is a bad habit, we also feel that the anti-smoking campaigners are making a mountain out of a molehill only because the RA.One actor is a superstar. At the same time, there shouldn’t be different diktats for stars and the common people, right? After all it’s the commoners who make the stars! So do ya think SRK should be banned from lighting the cancer stick in the stadium?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • mahesh kumar

    srk is waste guy.
    as we all know how he will do overacting in movies..
    but he crosse the limit in real life also..
    sala bekar flop actor…

  • mariam khaled

    Does he over act,good that you told me,I did not know that before and if overacting allows tears to flow out of my eyes then I hope all the actors to overact.

  • Lisa Manna

    Well if SRK have a special seat and he is with his friends who don’t have a problem with smoke getting into their lungs, then he can smoke,but if is between audiences then he should be banned from smoking in the stadium.

  • Ganesh

    Poor Guy Rathore.. He complaints because he wants to become famous. There is thousands of issues in India, smoking in public nothing serious.

  • Swap

    Smoking is not a crime but srk should be punished for being in public life. He is so irritating.

  • Kamal

    Shahrukh should be punished. He’s been irresponsible.

  • ashish

    yes shahrukh khan should be punished he is a looser and not a role model

  • jeB

    Smoking is not a crime .SRK should not be punished .I am sure he hasnt done it purposley .SRK you are the BEST.

  • richa

    no he should not he is the best