Should the makers of Balika Vadhu end the show?

Fri, November 22, 2013 7:15pm IST by
Balika Vadhu

The daily soap was all about showing life after child marriage and more

Balika Vadhu was one of the very few soaps that touched our heart with its simple yet powerful stories. The makers touched the nuances of child marriage and its repercussions on a couple who doesn’t even know what marriage is all about.

They touched sensitive topics like widow remarriage, women’s education, infanticide and more. We applaud the makers for keeping it going for so long without breaking off from their original plan.

However, off late we think the stories are going far away from their core point. Now the makers are concentrating on Jagya’s (Shashank Vyas) dilemma with Sanchi (Roop Durgapal), Shiv (Siddharth Shukla) finding out that he is an adopted child, Ganga (Sargun Mehta) not being able to conceive and more. The show has covered almost every problem that exists and more. So much so that now they seem to be repeating their ideas. And somehow that doesn’t go too well with us.

We believe that the makers should take a call and shut the shop. The norm usually is to make a show work till the TRPs are coming in, but we wouldn’t want the soap to end on a bad note, no? It’s best to end the story now and know that they did well, proved a point and never wavered from it. How many shows can really do that?

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  • meenaa

    why r u with bv why not other shows 2 end

    • charu

      this show is completely showing rubbish now and should come to an end………………….please end the show soon…………………..

  • Gina

    Yes, it is high time this once-iconic show downs its shutters. It has become ridiculous to the extreme, showing illogical and regressive thought processes, and going against the grain of what it once stood for – child marriage and subsequent remarriage. It is now making people wonder whether getting married to a divorcee or widow is a good idea, what with the emotional and physical baggage they bring to a second marriage.

  • smruti

    yes please.end this crap now. they ruined jagan story because of roop. please end this show. no justice to shashank vyas ever ph is biased

  • dm4tnd

    Yes please end i and stop replacing the leads, after Sriti left I’ve stopped watching it, i was only watching it for Jagya & Ganga’s story which the writers their own selves spoiled.

  • sushma chauhan

    End it for god sake its just complete non-sense, never cared abt fans , ruin actors n actresses careers.. wrap it up pls..

  • yanks28

    Please end Balika Vadhu…I was so hurt when Pratyusha was replaced as Anandi bec I was a fan of her & Shashank’s acting…then I continued watching it for Shashank and another one of my favs Sriti Jha entered, Jagya & Ganga plus Mannu used to light up the screen but these writers destroyed their potential and Sriti quit , after replacement I stopped watching…now I want this to end.

  • anshu

    plzz finsih it off now unbearble looks fake many good shows on zee r best

  • sv

    really!!! it is getting bored!!

  • Kiran

    Yeah its time to end this show after Sriti Jha exit the last charm was also left from the show. Current story is too irritating and I stoped watching after Ganga exit. Main plot is finished and they are running the show on stupid track just for TRP.

  • Kiran

    Yes pls end this show now on happy ending why making it a nonsens show like others. After Sriti Jha exit the last charm was also gone which was Ganga and her story. I stoped watching this show.

  • R

    Shut this show please. Its had its run and now its nothing but a dead horse. And there’s a limit to how much you can flog a dead horse. Please end it on a happy note and release all the actors like Shashank Vyas, Surekha Sikri, Sidharth Shukla, Anup Soni,Sudhir Pandey, Smita Bansal and the others who are quite frankly wasting their talent here. Its a humble request to the makers and channel.

  • anu

    what is u r problem- it is a good one- with so much potential- excellent career track for anandi is still there to explore-

    still ruling trp charts for past 5 years-

    why can u do a write up of some silly saas bahu torture serials

  • Raina Farzin

    Yes, Within six months.

  • Balak

    Pls end this programme or if not change the name of programme to “adult vadhu” which make this never ending programme little more intresting..

  • G.S.D

    Oh just stop posting such stupid ideas of urs!!!The worst idea ever!!Even now,Anandi is running an organisation for society,They are spreading the necessity to give love to orphans,JaGan recently opened a baalwadi…Are all these not good for society??There are many serials over there showing bakwaas saas bahu politics or villain trying to spoil hero,heroine’s relationship…Such shows deserve to be ended!Not BV!!Balika Vadhu rocks forever and forever!!!U get it??

  • ria

    till now there was only bad track , tht was Jagy’a love triangle and 3rd marriage. how many times a guy can marry? how come an educated good looking gal can fall in love with a characterless and two time divorced man like Jagya?
    other than this this show still has a lot more potential.

  • piya

    yes it should end because without sriti it is not interesting to watch they should make a new show with shashank and sriti in the lead roles then all the fans of sriti and shashank will watch it

  • Reshmi

    Pratyusha is such a sick actor and sasank is rotten, and sargun is fat cow. Hope there is a track where JaGan dies.

  • Kiranrao

    Yeah this show should end now. After Sriti Jha exit the last charm was also gone. The current story and tracks are pathetic and it making balikavadhu an ordinari show like others. Pls now end it on happy note.

  • Simi

    Yes, Balika Vadhu needs to end. They are just dragging the story and it makes no sense anymore. The very talented girls Pratyusha, Anjum, Neha, Sriti left the show and viewers have lost interest in the new faces and silly tracks. You cant just change actresses overnight and expect viewers to remain connected. The show should have ended with Anandi’s marriage. Pratyusha and Siddharth made a wonderful couple on screen and now watching Toral with Sid is like watching Shiv’s second wife.

  • Nika

    Toral destroy Anandi character and Balika Vadhu show. No one watch the show any more. Colors should and this crap! We want new show with Sid and Pratyusha, without that disgusting witch Toral.

  • Archana

    Yes,,the show has been able to consistently convey strong messages which is inspiring.however, the recent twist in the serial is not positive unless the team is intending to create awareness on adoption.Ballwadi is nice concept and encourages women empowerment.

  • mihir

    please end this show because nothing is as such left in the show to watch…i stopped wathing this show when shiv n his ffamily came in the show…and now also the show is going offtrack…so instead of streaching the show and make it more boring for people they should end it in time

  • Nika

    Toral destroy Anandi character and Balika Vadhu show, no one watch the show any more. Yes, they should take a call and shut the show.

  • TV Viewer

    Colors should end Ballika Vadhu at a high note which kept the country entertained for almost 8 years now. They should also end Sasural Simar Ka. The actors have entertained us all for so long and now we would like to see them working on new role and new concept.

    24 is a good and a yankee serial which is really a nice serial.

  • ana

    I think that Balika Vadhu is a great show.
    I am from Europe and this show put India closer to me.
    I learned allot about your country and people. I would like to visit India one day.