Shraddha Kapoor: It’s hard to find true love

Life is not all hunky-dory when you are an actor, and it gets worse when you are a star kid

Shraddha Kapoor, daughter of Shakti Kapoor and niece of Padmini Kolhapure, must have had her share of awkward moments, especially when her father was in the news for the wrong reasons and her brother was detained by the police after a rave party.

“I think every industry has a good and bad side. Because we are way too much in the limelight, it becomes a matter of discussion. People at times go overboard with things that aren’t true and there’s very little I can do to control it,” Shraddha says firmly.

She has always wanted to be an actress, an ambition satisfied with Teen Patti and her recent role in Yash Raj’s Luv Ka The End. So what was Daddy’s reaction on her performance? “He was so excited that he couldn’t wait any longer to talk to me, so he called me mid-way while watching the movie! I had to ask him to get in touch with me only after he’s done seeing the entire film,” she laughs.

Her character in LKTE was that of a young teenage girl, who eventually seeks revenge from her ex-beau for exploiting her. Right from sprinkling itching powder on his underpants to transforming him into a cross-dresser while he’s in an inebriated state, Shraddha truly proves that ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’…If she’s ever in a situation like that one, what pranks she would pull on the guy-who-turned-out-to-be-a-jerk? “Hypothetically, as you can see, I am quite well trained to deal with something like that by the virtue of my reel life character. I think guys would think ten times before messing with me. And before getting into a relationship I would show the DVD of LKTE to the guy and ask him to get certain things straight!”

Highly inspired by her character in the movie, she says vehemently, “All the women out there who suppress their anger should learn a thing or two by watching my movie.” Commenting further on the existing state of relationships, she explains, “I am a very emotional person, I believe in bonds that last. I personally feel it’s very hard to find true love or even understand what it is. From what I see and hear around me, there are so many divorces and separations. I just wish it wasn’t like that, but there’s nothing I can do about it.”

When asked about projects she was supposed to be a part of, Romeo and Juliet and My Friend Pinto, being two such, she says, “Romeo and Juliet somehow didn’t work out and I was never approached for My Friend Pinto.

Sensing the hesitation in her voice, we didn’t probe further.

On dad Shakti Kapoor

‘Crime Master Gogo’ happens to be one of her favourite roles that her father played. When asked about the chemistry with the ‘Owww’ legend (his signature twang), she signs off with, “He’s a good blend of being nice and being critical at the same time. He explains things to me with a lot of love.”