Shraddha Kapoor’s shorts too short in Pakistan?

Fri, July 11, 2014 2:00pm IST by

Shraddha Kapoor’s shorts too short in Pakistan?

Reportedly the Ek Villain actor was covered up by a Pakistan daily. Read on to know the full story

Not so long time ago Shraddha Kapoor was in the news for her not-so-nice attitude towards the media. The actor had refused to pose for the ‘bugs and a lot of events followed post that. Anyways, when the shutterbugs managed to click an image of the young girl in denim shorts, it wasn’t approved by a Pakistani daily. What happened, you ask? When Shraddha had stepped out for a screening of Ek Villain, she was clicked in a Turquoise & Gold top and a pair of denim shorts. This image was published in a popular Pakistani daily, however her shorts were slightly modified. The daily which claims to be the largest circulated newspaper of the region digitally added a pair of black knee-length leggings to cover up Ms Kapoor’s legs! Giggles!!

Well, looks like it’s not just the Indian media that has a problem with Shraddha. Anyways, we hear that she had a great laugh after checking out the modified image…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Jillena

    I’m laughing to.. She is just wairing a short. A men can wear whatever he want but when it’s a woman, she need to be like Dark Vador. I mean just grown up. If a man can’t control himself that is problem.
    We are in the 21 century, woman are free.

    • Matt Williams

      “A men” “If a man can’t control himself that is problem.” “woman are free.”
      Evidently the 21st century education system hasn’t done any good for you.

    • Matt Williams

      Too* wearing* a pair* man* wants* his* Women*

  • Mytong Vang

    C`mon the 21 century. ..stop act like old style. ….