Shruti Haasan attacked by an unknown man at her Mumbai residence

Looks like women in Mumbai are no longer safe, and the latest victim of one such attacks was none other than Kamal Haasan’s daughter

Shruti Haasan was attacked this morning in the comfort of her home according to Filmfare magazine. Little had the D-Day actor expected to be attacked at her door step. It was a regular day for the actor when she answered the door bell at 9.30am, the actor was attacked by a stranger. Apparently an unknown man tried to strangulate the actor. Shruti was shocked, however she bravely fought and pushed her attacker away. In the process of self defense the attacker’s hand was jammed in the door. The unidentified man is supposed to be an obsessed fan. Shruti is still in a state of shock.

This isn’t the first time that a celebrity has had stalker issues or obsessive fans who trouble them. John Abraham and Bipasha Basu too have had some not so pleasant experience with their crazy fans.