Shweta Tiwari chooses Sunil Grover’s Mad in India over Kapil Sharma’s Comedy Nights with Kapil!

The Bigg Boss winner who also made a brief appearance in Comedy Nights with Kapil, is ready for yet another comical appearance on small screen

Shweta Tiwari has chosen Sunil Grover over Kapil Sharma, the actor is ready to tickle your funny bone in Mad in India. Ms Tiwari finds comedy difficult and is still learning to master it. “When I started shooting for Comedy Circus, it was very difficult for me to give instant punches because there were many things which were not written in the script. I had won that show because of Kapil and I didn’t have a role to play. But with the course of time, I learnt and I am still learning,” Shweta, said.

“I believe that comedy shows are stress busters because people don’t have to follow the show for its continuity or for the link of the episode,” she said. The actor is set to another comedy chat show Mad In India. On choosing Sunil Grover’s Mad in India over Kapil Sharma‘s show Comedy Nights with Kapil, she said, “I felt that all the characters in Kapil’s show are well established and the show is also getting a good response. If there is an introduction of a new character then there is no guarantee that it will survive or not.

“This show Mad in India is new and had an interesting character of Katrina Mishra for me. So when I told Kapil and his team about my decision (to do Mad in India), they were okay with it,” Shweta said.

Shweta will be seen in different get-ups as she would be playing the role of a struggling actor Katrina Mishra. “I tried to copy actor Manoj Tiwari. I picked up the accent from him when we were staying in Bigg Boss house,” she said.

The actor is sure about not taking up fictional show offers. “I feel taking fiction show means giving your two years or more till the contract to that particular show expires. I have got married recently and I already have a daughter who has just entered in her teenage. She needs all the more attention now,” Shweta said.

Rising crimes has raised Shweta‘s concern for her daughter. “I feel it’s necessary to protect our daughters all the more in today’s times,” she added.